Top 7 Tips for College Freshmen


With courses approached, getting back into the day-to-day work of school can be a challenge. Especially for college freshmen, they may feel a bit daunting. However for most, college is also a place where you go to essentially find yourself.  


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As a freshman, making mistakes is a part of the growth process and it’s likely that you’ll make plenty of mistakes throughout your first year. You’re inevitably going to make mistakes, but hopefully with these follow 7 tips you’ll minimize the amount of damage you do, and enjoy your first year faster.

1. Take responsibility for your own learning. 

You’re not in high school anymore. Everyone in college is there to learn because they want to, not just to pass because they have to. There are a lot of opportunities for learning in college, often times outside the classroom. Take advantage of every opportunity you can.

2. Stay organized. 

Entering college means you must have the ability to doing things independently, not only personal life, but also learning and entertainment, etc. So you must learn to arrange everything properly.

For personal life, preparing storage boxes in your dorm is useful for organizing and storing small items in the limited space. 


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Learning and entertainment, keep a detailed calendar with all your events, including classwork, social events and extracurricular activities.

3. Eat healthy.
Your mom’s home cooked meals are no longer a frequently available option. Try to eat at your dining hall as often as you can and be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables. A diet of greasy pizza and beers every night isn’t exactly first-rate eating. If possible, making some healthy food or juice yourself in your free time, we offer you some choice of kitchen supplies.

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4. Get plenty of rest. 

College students rarely get enough sleep, but it’s important that you need to get as much sleep as you can each night. Doctors advise college students to guarantee at least eight hours of sleep per night. 

By this time, the humidifier will be a powerful helper to provide you with a good sleeping environment, it will give out ultra fine cool mist with lovely fragrance to relieve yourself from the dryness of air-conditioner and make breathing easier.

5. Join organizations & clubs. 

The people you meet will become your friends and possibly be the best part of your college experience. Don’t stay locked up in your room or your library all the time. Go out and enjoy yourself every once in a while, for picnic or party with your friends. Just don’t party too hard or too frequently. 


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6. Take a break & regular exercise. 

Try to exercise regularly and take a day or two off per week if you can. It’ll help you stay energized and at peak mental condition. 

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7. Enjoy office hours. 

Don’t be afraid of going to office hours and talking about with your professors. Office hours are the time a professor can be expected to be in his/her office available to students. This is a job requirement for all instructors. In fact, students pay for those hours, therefore, feel free to use them. Be smart. You can get a lot of useful information from office hours.