Bad Weather for Physical Exercise Outside?


2018 Top 5 home-gym equipment recommended for you!

It doesn’t mean that you have to retire to your couch or look at the rain through your window with a cup of hot chocolate just because it gets a little cold or wet outside your home. There is no excuse and always the gym place is a choice as long as you care about your figure-keeping. But putting on your running shoes, preparing a water glass and towel, then heading to the gym can be a struggle all on its own.

So why not monitor your progress and set workout goals from the comfort of your own home? Here are 2018 top 5 home-gym equipment that can help you reach the next level of physical fitness without leaving the warmth of your house.


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Top 1  – Treadmill

Featuring a 5″ blue light LCD display, this treadmill provides better watching experience. It will show Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, Pulse, Incline and so on, so you could better understand your exercise condition. The incline is easy to change from 0-15% and will increase the intensity of your workout. Thanks to the 4 wheels, it’s easy to move.


2.5 HP Electric Motorized Folding Treadmill
2.05 HP Portable Folding Treadmill
1 HP Electric Treadmill Running Machine

Top 2 – Exercise Bike

The bike can be placed in gyms or your home for your aerobic exercise. Calories will be efficiently consumed with this bike! The stationary bicycle features the adjustable saddle and handlebar allowing you to have your body building by a comfortable post.


Stationary Cardio Aerobic Exercise Bike
Stationary Exercise Bike Bicycle
Magnetic Exercise Bicycle with Laptop Tray

Top 3 – Dumbbell

For many people, buying a set of dumbbells is their first step towards strength training at home. That’s a great place to start, since dumbbells are inexpensive, require little space, and are easy to use. They’re available in an awesome range of weights, from cute little one-pounders to Olympic behemoths, so everybody can start at their own level.


2 Tier 29″ Dumbbell Rack + Multiple Weights Set
3 pcs 5 10 15 lbs Kettle Bell Weight Set
64 lbs Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set

Top 4 – Yoga Ball Balance Trainer

This yoga exercise ball is a popular balance and stability workout method, which can make your fitness easier.

With this balance trainer, you could increase your core strength, stability, endurance, flexibility, etc. Two elastic strings included are ideal for keeping balance. What’s more, the material is environmentally friendly and it is easy to carry.


23″ Exercise Yoga Ball with Pump
Yoga Balance Exercise Ball with Pump

Top 5 – Squat Machine

If you have a static lifestyle, if you sit a lot, if you have no time to exercise because of busy work, the squat machine is for you. This squat machine can give you a different sense of home gym experience. You can use it to do deep sissy squat or push-ups to provide appropriate physical exercise for the abdomen, buttocks and legs.


3-in-1 Sissy Squat AB Workout Machine
Home Gym Sit Up Machine
Fitness Squat Machine

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