Tidy up Your House, Start with These Organizers

Most city apartments, bungalows, cottages, cabins tend to have one thing in common: very little space for storage. A small closet or cabinet can work for you, but you must spend more energy to plan for it, especially if you’ve recently downsized from a spacious walk-in. If you’re trouble in arranging for your messed room, here are 6 tips to help you tidy it up.

1. Declutter and simplify your wardrobe. 

Think of having a capsule collection of clothes you love to wear for each season of the year, rather than a mountain of options you’re less excited about. Just remember, when you have limited closet space, each item really needs to earn its keep.



2. Move off-season and less frequently worn items to another place. 

The point is to reserve the prime closet space for the items you love and wear regularly in the current season. Everything else ideally would find a home in an out-of-the-way spot. 

Bins that can slide beneath your bed are great for this purpose. Such as an ottoman, or a wooden bin is a great choice. Fill old-fashioned hard-sided suitcases elsewhere in the house with off-season wardrobe items.



3. Try a portable garment rack

With a small wardrobe rack on casters, you have the option of leaving it out or rolling it away to a hidden spot if you get tired of looking at it. And multi-functional garment racks also can be used as shelves and shoe racks.


Portable Steel Closet Hanger Storage Rack Organizer
Double Commercial Collapsible Clothing Rolling Garment Rack
Bamboo Garment Stand Clothes Hanging Shoes Shelves

4. Hide the small accessories into somewhere invisible.

Move small accessories such as bracelets, glasses, ties, scarves, watches, perfume and less-used items into a cabinet or a mirror. It can not only help you to sort it up, but also be really space-saving and compact.

Standing Jewelry Cabinet Storage Organizer
Lockable Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Storage Organizer Box
Large Wooden Jewelry Storage Box Organizer



5. Go for a combo of hangers, shelves, boxes and bins. 
Widely using hanging rods carves out extra space in a small closet for other storage options, like pullout bins and shelves. Use open-top bins and shelves for easy storage of T-shirts and other soft clothes.



6. Add wall hooks. 
Hooks and short valet-style rods are convenient for quickly tidying up and storing items you reach for frequently, which are the musts for any small closet. Always keep a few empty, as these are great for last-second cleanups, setting out the next day’s outfit or hanging once-worn clothes.