3 Steps for A Thanksgiving buffet


1. Send thanks note and invite them come over

Every small kind act deserves to be appreciated. There are plenty of other occasions that warrant a showing of gratitude and so many people we need to thank, they can be: 

• Helpful neighbors

• Friends who’ve had you over for dinner

• A relative who babysat for free

• Someone who visited you when you were sick

• The friends who had you as a weekend guest

• In-laws who welcomed you to share a holiday meal

• A coworker who did a favor for you

• A potential employer who interviewed you

A person who wrote you a recommendation

 A person who wrote you a recommendation

A handwritten thank-you note tends to be more sincerely and can express your thanks well, people who received will definitely feel warm and be glad to come over for your buffet.



2. Make room for the Thanksgiving buffet

Give your guests a place to dine, drink and mingle with new uses for your space and furniture.

Whether you live in a spacious dwelling or a small city apartment, it’s time to space plan for settling all of your friends and relatives well. 

We all wish we had spacious dining rooms with long, accommodating tables like this one. If you’ve got one, you’re all set. If not, there’s still hope. 


Photo by Andrea Schumacher


Take advantage of that living-room space by moving your dining table to the living room for the occasion. Using the largest room in your home for a sit-down dinner will give everyone breathing room – and open up your dining area for the buffet.


Photo by KitchenLab | Rebekah Zaveloff


Is your dining room credenza too small to hold the entire buffet? Use an old door or something you find at a flea market for cheap, adding table legs to create your own buffet table. If it’s unsightly, cover it with a tablecloth. Foldable table is also a good choice for buffet.




Outdoor Aluminum Roll Up Folding Camping Table
Foldable Aluminum 8′ Folding Beer Pong Table
4′ Portable Folding Rattan Table

3. Creative additions
Set up a bar cart somewhere other than the kitchen. This will alleviate overcrowding one space with thirsty guests. Make your bar even more self-sufficient by placing it near shelving. Replace your knickknacks or books with martini glasses and cocktail accessories. If you have a built-in desk, even better: The desk can act as the bar.


3-Tier Rolling Kitchen Trolley Cart
4-Tier Wood Drawer Kitchen Cart with Storage Shelf and Casters
White Rolling Kitchen Island Trolley Cart


Photo from Becky Harris

Add pumpkins, fall colors and candles, a horn of plenty and fresh flowers adorn this Thanksgiving tablescape.



Photo by Becky Harris

Making some cookies with different shapes for a centerpiece would be great for a kids’ table. You can also prepare some meaningful gifts for the guests present, to let them know that you will always remember how kind they are.