To be Your Pet’s Best Friend


Now many people have their own pet friends and spend more and more time with them, everyone wants to get along with their pets. But for the pets, is everyone their best friend?


Photo from: Amy Jamieson


Of course you can do everything in your power to make sure that he feels as loved and appreciated as you do! When you are attentive, respectful, and care about your pet’s well being, it is easier to build a stronger bond between the two of you.

1. Carry your pet with you

Take it with you for a ride. Whether in the countryside, on the beach or maybe in a wood far from the city, this new adventure can be a great way to make your pet happy and let him discover many new things.

If you do not feel like walking for a long time, you can use a trailer, a carry case or even a pet ramp for walking in and out to enter and exit a vehicle with ease!


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2. Learn to interpret his language

The pet can not tell you what he feels with words but he has his own language and you have to learn to understand him. For example, dog has the tail lowered? This means fear or anxiety. Is he moving his tail? He is happy of course! 
If you keep your eyes open, you will learn to observe your pet’s body language, so that you can better identify his needs, and you will soon become a true expert in pet’s language.


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3. Give your pet space

All pets just like humans, may feel overwhelmed, tired, and cranky, they need to have their own space and to be alone so they can rest. If they’re tired, they may try to tell you that they’d like to be alone and going to a space they enjoy sleeping in. It doesn’t mean that your pets don’t like you, they just need a little of their own time.

What we need to do at this time is to make sure that the pet has a private and quiet space where he can retreat. This could be a house, a bed in a different room, or a separate sofa.


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4. Train your pets

Training your pets can help keep them safe, healthy, and sociable. It can also help you and your pets grow closer since you will be working with it one-on-one.


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If you aren’t sure what training would benefit your pets most, you can contact with a professional pet trainer.

5. Pampering on cuddles

Snuggling and cuddling your pets is a great way to show that you care about them, cuddles are necessary both for them and for us humans. Embrace with your dog helps to de-stress both of you, while encouraging a strong physical bond. Sit with them to have a good open-hearted conversation, and improve interaction with your pets.


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