How to Decorate Your Bathroom with Plants

People are starting to like plants more than ever and try to decorate their houses with all different kinds of flowers and plants. I was asked by my friend one time that whether bathrooms can have plants or not. In fact, putting plants in bathrooms is not only possible, but it also can decorate bathrooms


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The environment in bathrooms is perfect for houseplants. However, not every plant can grow in bathrooms. The special condition of bathrooms can have houseplants such as Ferns, Chinese Evergreens or tropical houseplants. They can survive under the environment with low light, high humidity and warm temperatures. Even though, these kinds of houseplants can live under low light, it does not mean they can live without sun. 


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Therefore, the most important thing is to have fluorescent light bulbs. Fluorescent can produce the wavelengths of light that plants need from the sun. If you want to move plants to another place periodically, fluorescent can make sure they are alive. It is necessary for whose bathrooms do not have windows. The tropical houseplants are the most suitable plants for low light environment.

However, people like bathing and we need showering every day. Tropical houseplants are scared for high humidity and warm temperature. What kinds of plants like this kind of environment? Like I mentioned before, Ferns, Chinese Evergreens and Peace Lilly love surroundings with high humidity.


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For example, ferns such as Boston, Maidenhair, Birds Nest can live happily in bathrooms. Furthermore, there are many kinds of ferns that you can choose. 

On the other hand, putting plants in bathrooms can increase the decoration of houses. At the same time, it is good for health. The plants in the bathrooms will absorb pollutants through their leaves and then metabolize them into harmless byproducts. You will never know how many benefits plants can contribute. Since the space in bathrooms are limited, it is better to put on the bathroom storage shelves.


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Let’s think about a scenario: you wake up in the morning and walk to the bathroom to freshen yourself. While you are walking into the bathroom, you feel fresh air into your body, your skin and your face. It gives you a favorable morning that you never have before.

Choosing some plants which you like, giving your bathroom a little green. Not only for the beauty of the bathroom, also for the health