How to Design Your House Around Your Pet

Here are few insights on the perks and practicalities of adding home features for furry family members.

When tackling a home renovation, many homeowners consider little about how their dogs or cats will use the revamped features. But experts say the results can be a treat for pets and people alike for those renovators and pros who make initial design choices like below.


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Know Your Pet’s Personality and Needs
The pet’s size, age and temperament will likely affect those centric features that make the most sense for a home, so we recommend that before getting to work you should take those specifics into consideration. For instance, knowing that your dog gets agitated when it can or can’t see outside might determine whether you and your pro team install a window that allows the dog to catch a glimpse of passing neighbors or within that dog’s line of vision. 



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Give Them a Space of Their Own.
One of my friends said that he took his dogs’ age, capability and temperament into account anytime he made changes to his home. For example, he planted thicker greenery along pathways in the yard, in order to make sure his older, vision-impaired dog could find his way safely, and he installed low-rise stairs to help his dog get up and down easier. “Pets seem to love the special place carved out specially for them whether it is the ability to be up on the sofas, a hidden litter box, a built-in bed under some cabinetry or a pet wash station.” Jessica says.



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Have Fun With It

Ultimately, it is an opportunity to get creative and playful with design choices when designing around a pet. For example, usually make a major style statement, in addition to attracting his feline clients and their people as well.

Homeowners and pros report that those choices make for a more harmonious and playful home no matter how a pet drives a design.

“Wall art rather than traditional cat trees is the best description of the furniture like these. It becomes the focal point in the room and can be a fun conversation starter.” Jack says.