Furniture in Fashion

When you are looking to change your dining table or when you are simply moving to a bigger home, you should consider getting a beautiful white high gloss furniture. As you know, white is a trending color and the reality is that your dining room will be much lighter.


by: Wonderful Chair Lullaby


Get More Light in Your Dining Room

In the good ‘ol days, most people opted for a darker wood for dining tables. However, this trend is changing. In addition, one of the best things that you should consider when you are decorating (or redecorating) your dining room is to get an extending dining table. The truth is that while most of the year you only need 4 to 6 sitting chairs, there are some occasions where you want to receive more guests. Special celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays, or any special party that you want to plan, are perfect to get the people you love most to celebrate with you. So, an extending dining table is perfect.


by: David Smith. LLC of Carpets Control


the Right Size

of the things that you need to know about high gloss extending dining table is
that they are not all the same size. While you have some extending dining table
that can hold 8 to 10 people, there are smaller and larger ones. It only
depends on the size of the dining table when it is closed.

case you are wondering about where you can buy a new white high gloss
furniture, you need to know that you have a wide range of stores that have this
available, both online and offline. So, it is just a matter of searching not
only for the white high gloss furniture with the measurements that you need as
well as to compare the different prices.


by: John Lewis


What about the Dining Table Shape?

you are looking for an extending dining table, you will be able to find some
tables that are square when they are closed and other ones that are already a
rectangle before they extend. So, it really depends on your dining room
measures as well as on what you prefer. In addition, these extending dining
tables are made from different materials. You can find extending dining tables
made of wood, solid oak, pine salvaged wood, among others. Again, this depends
on your personal preferences as well as on your budget. After all, depending on
the quality of the material, you may need to pay a bit more for your extending
dining table.

the Perfect Chairs

you are looking for the best extending dining table, you just can’t forget
about the chairs. After all, you need to ensure that you have enough chairs for
the table when it is extended. You can also opt for white chairs or you can
pick a more contrasting color to make them stand out as well. Please notice
that you should pay attention to the rest of the colors on the room to ensure
that you get the perfect symbiosis.

the most traditional to the most modern and contemporary, you will be able to
find a wide variety of high gloss extendible dining tables and chairs. All you
need to do is to establish a budget, take the measurements of your dining room,
and then start your search.