How to make Rose-Scented Soap

This will make your bathroom
feel like your own personal spa.

A safety note for all readers: using any time of Lye is
super strong and senestive to the skin—so making sure to proceed with caution. There are some simple, but most definitely needed equipment while doing this DIY, in fact—wearing pants, closed-toe shoes, long
sleeves, safety glasses, and latex or rubber gloves to do the trick. Also, kindly pay attention the room is well-ventilated and, of course, there aren’t any running children or pets nearby

1: Lye preparation

Validate that the digital scale is set to OZ. In a fairly-large glass bowl, exactly weigh out 10.9oz of distilled water with the correct scaling.

In a separate large glass measuring cup, weigh out 4.7oz of pure sodium hydroxide lye flakes.

Now very slowly, make sure to add the lye into the water and stir until the lye has fully become dissolved. Remember to put aside until it completely cools down to around 110°-130°F. Once it’s warm enough, now add in exactly 2 teaspoons of Sodium Lactate to the lye water and stir gently.

2: Oils preparation

Take the entire bag you “Quicken Mix” and place into the microwave (remember to leave that cap on!) and heat up until chunks or cloudiness are fully mixed in. Of course, you could give the bag a shake or two to fully mix. The next step is to weigh out 33oz into the same fairly-large glass bowl. Push aside and leave it aside until it comes to the temperatures 110°-130°F.

3: Soap Molding

Gradually combine the lye solution into the bowl of liquefied Quick Mix. Beat that blender on and off to mix you go. Continue for approximately 60 seconds, until the consistency is similar to very thin pudding.

4: Batch and Color separation

Eyeball about ½ soap into a single bowl. Add ½ teaspoon of the scented Rose Pearl Mica to 1 bowl and fully mix with blender.

5: Fragrance Oil

Add the Wild Rose Fragrance Oil or any particular fragrance oil you have lying around the house to each container of soap and remember, no blender this—ol’fashion mixing by hand this time!

6: Swirl’em Soap Effect
Dispense white into the pink soap in totally different areas and from various heights to create that unique swirling effect. It’s ok to use a spatula. Don’t mix, swirl!
7: Pour Soap into the final Mold
Dispense the thick like mixture into the final mold Create top texture using the same spatula

8: Decorate Top and Let Set

Sprinkle pink rose petals onto the top of the soap. Let soap harden in mold for 4 to 6 weeks.