Gadgets that will change the way you see the relocation

When it comes to relocation, no one is really fond of all the stress and time consumption it brings along. It’s a demanding process which often requires some serious planning. This process can take a couple of months to properly schedule everything, and to organize and prepare your family for the big day. It will affect your budget considerably so a lot of people are using the option to do it themselves. Or at least, they do a part of moving themselves. Some choose to do the packing and hire a moving company just for transporting. In order to do so, it’s good to get informed about how to do it properly. There are many helpful gadgets that will change the way you see relocation. Gadgets that many professionals are using as well.


Turnbuckle gadget for relocation.


Some of the most common gadgets that can help you with the moving process are:

• Moving dollies, carts, and wheels

• Furniture sliders, pads, and blankets

• Lifters and lifting straps

• Draggers and pull handles

• Different kind of boxes and storage organizers

• Small utilities (wraps, gloves, etc.)


Sometimes packing looks like a real nightmare. Funny way of packing bags


Moving dollies, carts and wheels

Moving dollies, carts, and other kinds of “wheelers” are some of the most useful helpers you can find. There are several kinds. They can be two-wheel hand trucks, four-wheel square platforms, with or without add-ons. Whichever kind you choose, they make moving and maneuvering your heavy household items a lot easier. First, you need to place the furniture piece securely on the wheeled assistant through straps and ropes. Second, it always good to have someone to help you load and navigate your furniture through the house. Moving dolly is great for moving refrigerators, washing machines, bookcases, stacks of boxes. They have a limited carrying capacity so be sure to check that.


Every home have some essential gadgets. Ladders in a bright room.

Furniture sliders, pads, and blankets

Sometimes it’s better to just push your furniture than to lift and carry it around. For that purpose, there are all kinds of sliders, pads, and moving blankets that come in handy while you are packing. What’s better than a piece of durable plastic with a smooth bottom side and a rubber top surface that lets you slide it without much effort. Use a lifter to lift your piece of furniture, then place a slider underneath its legs or corners and you are ready to go. With sliders, it is possible to move your furniture effortlessly across any surfaces, and even carpets. Depending on the situation, you can use pads or blankets. Same as sliders, they eliminate the friction between your heavy furniture pieces and the floor.


Lifters and lifting straps

Lifters are great tools for lifting heavy and big stuff such as couches or cabinets, which require a lot of strength. They can have a mechanical system or only a handle. They can be used for temporary lifting until you put sliders on, or they can have a system with wheels so you can carry your furniture away. Lifting straps are another way of doing this job. Most people forget to include them in their packing list but they are great for anything that requires more than one set of hands. They take the main weight off your back and transfer it equally on much stronger groups of muscles. They’re adjustable, so lifting a heavy item is significantly easier to manage. It is important to use them to prevent back strains and other injuries. Also, you can use them to secure items to a dolly or once they’ve been loaded on the truck.

Draggers and pull handles

Draggers are similar to both dollies and straps. In a way, they are hybrid between them. They have wide straps that go around your body so you can drag much heavier furniture. They have a platform with wheels so that dragging is not that hard. Pull handles are useful when it’s not practical to use ropes and stripes. They have a bent end to engage the holes in furniture moving skids. This allows easier moving than using ropes so the large handle won’t cut into your hands.

Storage supplies

There is no proper moving preparation without boxes for packing all your stuff. Of course, it is absolutely necessary to use the right size boxes. And in case you need it, you can always keep them in storage units in your area. Packing may be difficult, time-consuming, and boring. However, it is a great opportunity to sort out your possessions when you are moving to your new home. All you have to do is to get appropriate packing materials, safely wrap all your breakables, label and secure all the boxes. Not everything is about simple boxes. There are other things that can help you with your clothes, like compression bags. They are very useful since they eliminate the air that takes precious place in your bags. Other packing helpers, great for tech savvies, are electronic gadget packages. A sturdy addition to your packing supplies, great for your devices like laptops, smartphones, etc.


It is necessary to get plenty of different boxes if you plan to move. Labeled boxes for relocation.


Small utility gadgets to help you with moving

Beside major gadgets that help you when packing and moving, there are a plethora of minor ones that can make your relocation faster than usual. Things like a ladder, rubber gloves, and a step stool are useful not only when moving but for many other things. Almost everyone has them in their house. Other essential utilizing items like duct tapes, bubble wrappers, and scissors are pretty common in every household. You will need them a lot while packing so it’s good to keep them close. In case you have a pet, it might be useful to get a pet box or pet cage, for you will need it when relocating. Depending on the size of your pet interesting gadget to have is a portable folding pet ramp. But then again, it’s not necessary.


Protection comes firs when lifting furniture. Safety gloves that can help you with moving.


There is a way to put many gadgets and supplies into good use, which can make your moving process less stressful. Some of them are definitely gadgets that will change the way you see the relocation. At the end of the day, who knows, it might even be a funny experience for you and your family.