Life Lessons from Shooting Archery

You’ve been mountaineering rocky terrain
all day, bow in hand. At last, you reach the plateau of a steep slope, ready to
pause from the grueling day. Sitting, you make sure your bow is ready, arrow
nocked, just in case your prize decides to wander your way. It suddenly dawned
on me, there is something therapeutic about archery.

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When I first ordered an archery bow over 10
years ago, I didn’t fully appreciate that the lessons I received wouldn’t only
teach me how to shoot, but how to succeed in life. While using an ancient, very
primitive and deadly weapon as an analogy for life may seem a bit bizarre
there is no doubt that the simple act of
nocking a few arrows can teach a few life lesions.

When it gets hard, keep going

When we first pull the drawstring back,
it’s going to be hard. And the more we draw back, the more the weight fights
against us and makes the draw more difficult
but remember,
we must keep going!

Whether we first start that new position,
it’s going to be a daunting task. We’ll have additional bills and tax
collectors that we never encountered, and every day will fight against us and
pose a new challenge. But we must keep going. Of course, we won’t get it right
every time, but with well-determination and a bit of elbow grease, it will get
easier and become second nature.


Photo by: LegendMan


Take your time, but don’t wait too

Once we have that arrow raised, take the time
needed when aiming; we must take different elements into consideration, ponder the
wind speed, distance, but don’t wait forever or we’ll lose our grip and that
once perfect shot will won’t be that perfect anymore.

So, take some time to consider a new offer.
Contemplate the new consequences and responsibilities of each decision
but dont wait too long to make a choice or that
opportunity will pass away.

You won’t always hit your mark.

Even though the shot was lined up perfectly
doesn’t mean the target will be hit. Sometimes there are other factors that
affect our shots, like wind or even the weight behind each shot. But don’t be
dismayed. Pick up another arrow; draw it back, take the time needed, and give
it another go. Shoot a few more, keep the hand steady, and then that bullseye
will be easy.