Little Potatoes who Make Secret Tricks

Recently, security researchers have found hundreds of millions of Facebook user records sitting on an inadvertently public storage server and was exposed on the internet by third-party apps. The leaking data included users’ email address, passwords, personal information and so much more. There’s already plenty amount of reports and blogs about this leak, so I won’t add on what’s already been said.

According to the news wrote by David Ingram, “The latest leaked datasets, including people’s likes and interests, was publicly accessible on Amazon-owned servers until after UpGuard found the files and began investigating during the past few months, the company said”. It seems like that Amazon got involved as well. 

I don’t have a background in computer science courses, but so I don’t really know howmanipulating numbers, especially when there’s only zeros and ones involved!


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People starts to predict what are the consequences and how Facebook will react to save the mess they caused. To be honest, I didn’t realize how serious the problem was at that time. My friends who are also engaged in online businessesoften complainedabout how fraud was a constant nuisance.I started to think about whether they’vebeen affectedthe recent fraud payments. After hearing this, I quickly checked if my Visa card and MasterCard were used by others. 


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Luckily, I didn’t find any unusual transactions. (No jinx on that.) So, I started to deeper explore on why thesefraudulent transactions has become such a common occurrence. Was there a possibility that some businesses are targeted by some “fraud organizations”similar theonline businesses thatoften complainedabout how fraud is a constant nuisance.I’ve been told she got plenty of fraud transactions and she is eliminating those transactions manually. 

That happened last month. Yesterday, I met my same friend in Starbucks and I asked her about that “Visa Fraud Crisis”. She worked with other company which uses big data analysis and modeling to eliminate the fraud transactions. She said,” I just want to try it out at first, but it turned out that it worked very well. No! It worked way over my expectation!”

My friend’s crisis came to a closure, but the fraud behavior still exists. Go back and check your credit cards to make sure there aren’t any fraudulent transaction.