6 Ways to Get Your Home Insects-Free


Everyone wants pest-free home because people don’t like to live in a house which is full of insects. They create unsanitary conditions, and their buzz of fly and bite is quite annoying. Scorpions, bees, and wasps can cause a painful sting. While mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas carry diseases. Cockroaches cause allergies and asthma.




Today people want insect free homes they feel it is quite dangerous to live with these pests.   Sometimes they cause serious health issues. To make your home free from them, you need to make some changes that will help you to get rid of these insects.

Just like human beings, pests also need shelter, food, and water to survive. By reducing their food supply and getting rid of their favorite hiding spot, you can reduce the risk of insects. Sometimes to control the insects you need a professional team if you’re looking for such services to make your home insects free, you can visit powerpestcontrol.ca they give a fast, effective, and safe insect control service.
This creepy little creature can pop up and crawl everywhere in the home. You can use these ways to get rid of them.

1. Use Spray 

An insect spray help to kill the bugs on the spot. These sprays are easily available in markets. It is not necessary to target insects directly you can spray near cracks, empty places, washrooms, and around doors and windows. 
To use it effectively spray on bugs until they are killed. A spray is not enough when you are killing cockroaches or hardy insects, hit it with any heavy object after spraying and ensures that you have finished your work.

2. A Mixture of Onion and Baking Soda

Pests in a home are not only disgusting, but they also carry harmful diseases.  Although there are numbers of sprays and other products are available in markets, but they are highly toxic. You can use this home remedy to kill bugs. 

Add one tsp of baking soda in the chopped onion. Place this mixture from where these tiny creatures come out. Gradually, you’ll find your home is pest-free.

3. Cinnamon Powder

Ants are quite irritating and annoying, and they suddenly appear from anywhere. It is quite challenging to make your home ants free, but you can control and reduce them. 
Ants love the smell of sugar, but they hate the odor of cinnamon. Put this powder in the areas where you think the ants can enter. 

4. Seal windows and Doors or Add Screens

Some homeowners rely on natural ventilation to enjoy fresh air, especially in the summer. It also invites fleas, lizards, mosquitoes and other insects to invade your house. To prevent your home from such insects and to enjoy fresh air you can install screens in the window.

5. Maintain Your Garden 

Your yard maintenance has a big impact on bugs or insects infestations, especially when it comes to fleas and mosquitoes. It is essential to remove any debris or piles of leaves. This can be insects hiding spot. 


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6. Repair Holes

Some bugs are so small in size, so it is hard to believe that they can enter through tiny holes and cracks that are invisible. Repairing cracks is the best way to live in a pest-free home. If a hole is big enough, then a mouse can also enter into the house. 

Examine your home and look for cracks, holes, and damages. Repair these cracks to make your home secure and insects free.