To-Dos: Your July Home Checklist

With the summer coming this month, there’s plenty of incentive to get those outdoor  spaces ready for entertainment. From arranging house paintings to sorting out outdoor cooking tools, tick these 10 items from your to-do list so you can get good things: hang around the grill, kicking back on the porch and savoring the season. Let the countdown to summer begin!


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Check out the contents of your list in an hour or less

1. Check the outdoor lighting. Make sure all outdoor lights are working properly, including porch lights, landscape lighting and motion sensing safety lights.Replace the bulb or arrange repairs as needed. 
2. Give potted plants some thin layers of chromatography. If you have potted plants that spend the winter indoors, bring them out once the danger of frost has passed. To help your plant adapt, find a protected place in direct sunlight for the first few weeks outdoors.

3. Check the kitchen and bathroom facilities. Focusing on these areas helps to prevent costly water damage and subsequent repairs. Make a plan, as needed, to grind or re-clean around the counters and tiles. If you run into any slow leaks, fix them, too.


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4. Check the safety device. Smoke alarms should be tested at least once a month and replaced every 10 years-even if they still appear to be in working condition, according to the U.S. Fire service. Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors; Replace batteries as needed. Check the failure date of the fire extinguisher and replace it if necessary. 

5. Get ready for grilling season. Giving your grill a deep cleaning before the start of the season will help it work more efficiently and prevent flare-ups. Clean the grates and interior with a grill brush and wash the exterior with warm, soapy water. Clean and organize your grilling tools (tongs, spatula, skewers) and pick up charcoal or propane if needed.


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If you have a gas grill, be sure to check the fuel line for cracks and clean out any clogged burner holes.

6. Maintenance and repair of garden trails.

Create neat edges, pulling grass, fill the gravel path with fresh gravel and replace or reposition the broken stepping stone.


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7. Clean the walls and paint. Use a vacuum dust accessory or electrostatic precipitator to remove dust from the wall, paying attention to corners and bottom plates. For deeper cleaning, wipe the walls with warm soapy water after the dust is dusted. Rinse with clean water and rinse with no flannel.

8.Touch the paint on the inner wall and decoration as needed. Clean the items on the open shelf. Over time, infrequently used items stored on open shelves can become quite dirty. For items with a thin layer of dust, swipe with an electrostatic precipitator. If there is a thicker layer of dust, if the item is in the kitchen (cooking grease may be a problem), wash each piece with a pot of warm soapy water. Rinse and dry all content before replacement.

9. Refresh bedrooms. Rotate the mattresses on all beds and flip over if possible. Dust nightstands, lamps, headboards, blinds and decor. Swap heavy duvets for lighter-weight bedding for the warmer months.


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10. Thoroughly clean the laundry room. Run the washing machine with a specialty tub cleaner (or with vinegar for a natural solution) on a hot water cycle. Wipe the rubber rim inside the washer and dryer doors and remove lint from the dryer vent with a vent brush or vacuum attachment. Clean countertops, mop floors and restock supplies.


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Tell us: What’s on your home to-do list this June? Share in the Comments.