Costway Loyalty Rewards Program


Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or
Facebook admiring all the happy home renovation photos and wondering how
families with two, three or even four children manage to get all that done, the
kitchen or bedroom or maybe even a massive backyard without taking the step
into a home décor store?

Costway will explain how that’s done. We are one of the most-loved retailers
in America and Europe, and for good reason. Millions of people jump to find savings to our
online massive store to load up on all their favorite furniture, home
accessories, garden tools, and so much more. But if you’ve never ventured
inside a Costway store that offers an incredible value for award, you might be
wondering what all the fuss is it about. Is it worth signing up for the
membership and the extra privilege of exclusive shopping discounts?

This guide offers you several different and
best ways to stack and maximize your Costway points – and quickly
– by utilizing Costway’s numerous benefits, take a look at our list to see
which options best suit your lifestyle; you might be surprised to find that you
don’t have to leave the house or step outside to rack up tons of points that
will get you to your next gift in no time.

We’ve taken steps and revamped our benefits
to the community.

Costway is built for home comfortability.
We’ve put special thought into both the design of our home decor and the
amenities and services we offer to ensure our members’ shopping experience with
us is both productive and exciting.

With that said, joining our Costway Loyalty
Rewards Program and getting sweet deals for shopping and sharing is even more
tempting to save big bucks! Every $1 dollar spent earns 10 points that gets you
closer to exclusive perks. Plus, there are more ways to earn Costway
points! To demonstrate how much we cherish our loyal customers, you can gain
reward points in more ways than purchasing your favorite products.

There are several ways to earn points,
whether that’s signing up for membership newsletters or filling out surveys,
Costway offers a broad range of ways to exclusively earn. To maximize your
earnings, before you make that purchase, share articles on social media or even
download our Costway app will automatically deduct $10 off from your purchase.

What are you waiting for? Our reward points
to guarantee you not only a happy shopping experience but also a bigger bang of
the buck.

Learn more by visiting our membership loyalty page.