Stay A Cool And Fun Summer With Costway!


The summer solstice (Friday, June 21, 2019) marks the official start of summer – and as you can check on almost every weather forecast channels or climate reports, a hotter- and drier-than-normal summer is coming, which is caused by El Niño, a factor used to determine the summer outlook. Getting afraid of how to survive this summer? No worries, will help you stay cool and fun with several special tricks!


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1. Use Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are always the best choice for surviving a hot summer. A 5-in-1 air cooler and heater is a must have for your indoor area. By reducing temperature through water evaporation, an evaporative air cooler can make you feel cool as well as do no harm to our environment.


10000 BTU Portable Dehumidifier Air Conditioner with Window

12000 BTU Electric Portable Air Cooler Dehumidifier Cool Fan

Portable Cooling Touch Pad Remote Evaporative Fan Conditioner


2. Control Your Fans

If you don’t have air conditioner, fans can provide some welcome relief. With different wind speed settings, you can customize the fan for optimal comfort. Adding a oscillating stand fan can make all the room cool, and give you a more comfortable and consistent breeze.


35W 28″ Quiet Bladeless Oscillating Tower

16″ 2 Mode 2 Blades Remote Control Oscillating Pedestal Fan

18″ Oscillating Standing Floor Fan


3. Cool Your Drinks

Whether you’re remodeling, upgrading an outside kitchen, or looking to save space in your refrigerator, beverage coolers provide an impressive opulence and a space saving addition to remodeled kitchens, dens, basements, wet bars, pantries, and outdoor patio areas. Grabbing your favorite cold brew during a football game in your den, at your backyard pool, or whenever you get the inclination has never been easier than with a cooler. In keeping your party going without disruption is also as simple as installing a cooler near your entertaining area and stocking it with your favorite drinks during a party.


20QT Handle Lockable Fishing Camping Cooler Ice Chest

Outdoor 80 QT Portable Rolling Party Wagon Cooler Cart

Adjustable Outdoor Patio Rattan Ice Cooler


4. Have Fun With Water

Water should never be forgot for a hot summer. An inflatable swimming pool will make your backyard to be a place that your family and friends can relax and play all summer. You can also use a body board to enjoy more wonderful and exciting surfing experience in the sea, beach, river, swimming pool and water park.


8 ft x 30 inch Easy-Set Giant Inflatable Ground Swimming Pool

8 ft x 30 inch Easy-Set Giant Inflatable Ground Swimming Pool

33″/37″/41″ Lightweight Super Surfing Bodyboard


Not Satisfied with playing with water fights at home? There’s additional excitement and fun that you can add to your summer by enjoying an Inflatable Water Bounce, a Water Floating Pad or even an Inflatable Boat.


15 ft Inflatable Water Bounce Jump Floated Water Trampoline

3 Layer Water Floating Pad for Recreation Relaxing

3-4 Persons Inflatable Fishing Boat With Oars and Air Pump


5. Go Surfing

Anyone who lives by a beach should take advantage of their proximity to the water by surfing as much as possible. Surfing is more than just a fun way to pass the time in a hot summer. When there’s a wave, there’s a way. Surfing will not only brings physical benefits to your body, but also makes you feel euphoric.


11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Backpack Sport

11′ Adjustable Inflatable Stand up Paddle SUP Surfboard with Bag

10′ Inflatable Stand up Paddle Surfboard with Bag