5 Tips For Taking Care of Wooden Furniture


Wooden furniture is a great home improvement option and can be incorporated into the house to improve the overall look. At a time when people are going for wrought iron, there are many more who choose to continue the tradition of installing wooden furniture in the house. A good quality wooden accessories can last for a very long time. What matters is the maintenance of that furniture. If you don’t take care of even the finest quality furniture in the house, then your assets will very likely get abrasions and scratches. Whenever you go for purchasing furniture, it is important to ask for the tips and techniques to clean that accessory. If you are looking for wooden furniture for your house, then you can get it from any furniture store in Ottawa. In this discussion I will guide you through some of the most important tips for maintaining wooden furniture at home.


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5 tips for taking care of wooden furniture:

1.Keep the wood smelling fresh
Sometimes old pieces of furniture develop a very strong odor. Especially if you haven’t taken care of the furniture, then it will very likely start to make the environment uncomfortable. You can easily rejuvenate the smell of the fresh wood by sprinkling baking soda on it and then by cleaning it smoothly with a cotton cloth. Once you’re done with wiping the furniture with baking soda, you can then leave it outside in the sun so that it can dry.

2.Always repair the damaged parts

Don’t be a cheap hand by overlooking the broken parts of your furniture. During the shifting of the house, renovation, replacement, it is very common for furniture to get affected. Many people often break wooden furniture by carelessly handling it. Even the best quality wooden furniture will get broken, sustain injuries, and get scratches. Get it repaired on time so that it doesn’t cause much damage to the rest of the part.

3.Always keep your furniture clean

Dusting is not the only thing that will keep the wood shiny and bright. If you want to go the extra mile, then you need special cleansers and polishes that are made for wooden furniture. These accessories are also not very expensive and can rejuvenate the look of the old furniture. However, if your wood has mild spots, you can clean them with a detergent. Always use warm water to clean the wood instead of very hot or chilled water.


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4.Environment should be safe

People often complain that their wooden furniture starts wearing off quick in places where there is a lot of heat and humidity. Keep in mind that wood is a natural element that is obtained from trees. Just as trees get affected with the environment that they’re in, wooden furniture is also much likely to bear the same consequences. Don’t place vulnerable furniture in front of open windows or out in the sun where it is exposed to excessive sunlight.

5.Don’t mistreat furniture

Never do this! Always be careful with your wooden furniture. Many people break it in when they mishandle it. If you are buying wooden furniture for the first time, then buy furniture that rightly fits the space of the house where you want to incorporate it. Many people make a common mistake of exaggerating furniture in a room as a result of which they relocate it from one place to the other. Always have smart furniture in the house to make the place look decent.


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Wooden furniture has always been a great home improvement option. If the right furniture is chosen according to the place where it has to be incorporated, the overall look of the house will get uplifted.