10 Smart Gadgets You Need in Your Office


You may believe in traditional business ideas and management. However, when improving your office space, you need to take a step forward and look for some modern solutions that will help you out and make work easier. Luckily, nowadays there are amazing smart items that are made to make an office day easier and more productive. That’s why we arranged the list of 10 smart gadgets you need in your office – right away.

Adapting your office when moving

Moving or expanding your business is the perfect opportunity to update your office space. If you are planning to move to new office space, be sure to think about all the things you need in advance. Among smart gadgets you need in your office, plan the details about the moving company, necessary storage space, and different supplies for your move. That’s the way to be sure you’ll have a smooth commercial relocation and be able to continue working as soon as possible.


Figure 1 Smartphones can really make our life easier if we use the right smart gadgets with them alt.tag: three persons using smartphones


1.First one among smart gadgets you need in your office – a smart plug.

Before we even consider all the smart gadgets you need in your office, you need an item to control all these. Smart plugs help you control all the items connected to it by using your smartphone app. One of the strongest benefits of this item is that you can turn on and off your other devices even if you are not in the office. Furthermore – you can schedule turning them on and off, and controlling multiple devices through one outlet. Smart, isn’t it?

2.Smart speakers

Smart speakers offer more features than just playing sound. They could be connected to another smart device for many additional usages. They are easily activated by voice control – usually by saying a ‘hot word’. They work as personal assistants and could be used for different organizational tasks as well as activation of other devices.


Figure 2 Smart speakers are definitely one of the smart gadgets you need in your office – not only for music, but for work, too alt.tag: smart speaker one of the smart gadgets you need in your office


3.Smart wireless keyboard

Today’s wireless keyboards are compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets. Therefore, they will save you a lot of time when answering emails or typing something else on your phone.

4.Solar charger

Running an office usually means a lot of commuting and a lot of phone usage. Therefore, you should be able to charge your phone anytime, anywhere. That’s why one of the best smart gadgets you need in your office (and out of it) us the solar charger. The best version of this handy item is the one that could be mounted to a window, so you won’t be looking for a plug when you need to charge your phone’s battery. Simply mount your charger to a window and let it soak up the light to charge your smartphone or tablet. It’s very handy and saves energy, too!

5.Portable hard drive

Each office needs a gadget like this – it makes it easy to carry files (especially large ones) with you, without carrying the whole computer or tablet. Quick and easy way to bring your work home, if necessary!

6.Back pain – go away

One of the main health problems for people working in an office is back pain due to a lot of sitting and slouching. That’s why you should get a posture coach gadget, which will remind you any time you’ve been sitting for too long or slouching. It’s very easy to use, too – you can simply clip it under your shirt and let it help you stay active and straight during your days in the office. Also, don’t forget to get a high-quality office chair – no app can help you out if you’ve been sitting on a bad chair for such a long time.

7.Smart light bulb

Light bulbs reached a whole another level nowadays and belong to the modern era of office supplies. Smart light bulbs offer amazing features for people in the office (but also at the home office, too). Apart from being switched on and off by a mobile app, some of the models offer the dimmer features and even playing music in the background. It’s one of the amazing smart gadgets you need in your office – it will help you create a relaxed working atmosphere and help you be more productive.

8.Smart office curtains

Another detail that doesn’t seem important at first, but can make any office very modern and easy to work in. One of the interesting smart gadgets you need for your office is the smart slide system that can be mounted onto almost any curtains. It helps you open and close the curtains as you like with just a couple of clicks on your phone. If you work in a sunny area, this feature is very useful when you need to set the timer for curtains to close, to make the space nice and cool when you arrive.

9.Smart lock

How many times it has happened to you to leave your office keys at home? If your commute time is a bit long – you need this smart gadget. The smart lock helps you when you don’t have the ‘real keys’ with you. You can unlock your office doors in a minute by using your mobile phone. Also, it is very handy in situations when you need to let somebody from your office in, without rushing to the office space to give them the key.

10.Fresh Air Monitoring

Sometimes you’re too busy so you forget to open the windows and let the fresh air. And bad air can make you sleepy, unproductive and even ill. Smart Air Quality Monitor will measure the temperature, pollution, and humidity, and give you a reminder if your office space needs some fresh air.

Free your office space

Moving into a new office is a great moment to update your office space with some high tech, smart gadgets. But, if you feel that bringing new items into an already crowded space will be a problem, think about decluttering before you move. Consider these smart gadgets you need in your office and what are the old items you no longer need by using these brand new items. Be sure to get rid of them so you can make more space for some more useful items, or move them to a storage space if you think you might need them. Just be sure to protect them – it’s important to use affordable bins to store your belongings, but that are also safe and sturdy. Offices often include important documents, CDs, etc. so be sure to think about the safety first.


Figure 3 Create a healthy, productive atmosphere with the help of the smart gadgets you need in your office alt.tag: office


As you can see, updating your office with a couple of simple tech items can make days in the office much more enjoyable and easier. As we spend most of our day at work, we should try our best to make it as comfortable as possible.