Surfing in the Summer


Summer is the ideal time to grab your board and surf the waves. My friend once told me that surfing is like total freedom. For myself, surfing has already become a daily part of my life. Many years ago, I’ve met someone special in my life and he guided me on my first steps on the waves while I was in Hawaii. Truth be told, my heart melted and with his passionate touch and heartfelt affections, I fell in love with him and the Hawaiian waves. He’s now my coach, husband and father to 3 wonderful sons. I would like to share some insights about surfing .


Photo credit by Miriam Tymiec


When you go surfing you feel a million times better and healthier. The salt water makes your skin look better, the sun bleaches the tip of your hair, you have a nice tan, you look toned and you will sleep better. But the best of all, you will be so happy with all the adrenaline and endorphin rushing through your body that you will have that inner glow and endless energy.

There are many factors that you must keep in mind when choosing your board, but never forget about the buoyancy, maneuverability and the type of waves that you want to surf. Not to sound like a nerd or a technician on the subject, but there are important things that you should know about surfing and its basic tool: The surfboard . This seems very simple but there are many essential details for good surfing.


Goplus 11′ Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board SUP with 3 Fins

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10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board w/ Fin


Let’s take a look at the picture below about our surfing board. We could break it down into 10 small parts. It is important for your to know them before you hit the waves. First is the nose, the front part of the board. It’s arched so you can maneuver it better. Rocker is the curvature of the nose. A more pronounced curve is easier to maneuver but slow, and if it’s flat, it will be faster but more difficult to make if there are any sudden movements. Then there is the con-caves which help push you in tight turns. Leash is the stretchy plastic cord that keeps your board from running away using a Velcro strap. Leash plug is used to attach the leash to the board. The rudders that allow you to steer and remain stable called fins. They are fixed and removable. The tail on the back tends to be sharper and slimmer. It’s important to pay attention and you’ll see that rails can vary over the length of the board. The bottom part of the board and it tends to be concave to allow water to flow out so you can glide better. In the end, outline is the general shape of the board.


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Imagine, you’re just hitting back and forth and enjoying the ocean and the view, you’re surfing up and down the waves, splashing and jumping with or without straps, and doing crazy freestyle tricks, or going for the old school hooked in high airs, every single one of those facets is what makes surfing so special. This is the beauty of surfing. You would fall in love with this feeling. I know — I did.