How to decorate a bedroom for twins

To successfully decorate a bedroom for twins, you need to achieve a subtle balance. It is a challenge to keep a sense of unity and allow for each child’s individuality at the same time. As they grow, your twins will show their taste and their room is bound to change. Take this into account before you start decorating your kids’ bedroom.


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When you decorate a bedroom for twins, keep it simple and neutral at first, to allow twins to add their personal touch over time.

Where should you start?

Decorating a bedroom for twins requires some preparation but the outcome will be a room they will remember fondly. Designs, ideas, and decoration suggestions for kids’ bedrooms are numerous and lovely. However, if you look closely, they are mostly intended for little children. It feels like they exclude tweens and teens they will grow into. To make an enjoyable and comfortable bedroom for your twins, plan for that transition accordingly. So, what should you focus your decoration skills on? Without a doubt, on the crucial parts of every bedroom: walls and furniture.

Themes for toddler twins, tweens and teens

Twins are not your regular siblings. More than anyone else, they require a balance between the sense of unity and personal identity. It most easily shows through their choice of colors, as they will likely use them first to show their individuality. Ask them which ones they would like in their room. You can work together on a mission to make your kids’ room posh and practical at the same time.


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A girl twin may choose one color for her part of the room…

Wall color(s)

You can rest assured that they will have their own preferences when it comes to the wall color as soon as they grow old enough. If you plan to decorate a bedroom for baby twins, start with gentle, neutral colors. Choose creamy and warm hues that will soothe them. The older the kids get, the more vivid and bold the wall colors will become, you’ll see.

Bedroom theme(s)

When it comes to themes, you might want to stick to the neutral, nature-inspired ones. They can agree on a theme they both enjoy, like pirates, space explorers, princesses or book characters. Even if their interests turn out to be too different, you can still make them complementary. Some of the most distinctive themes have common ground you can creatively build upon with accessories. Don’t be afraid you’ll create a rift; you will actually zone the bedroom allowing them to have their own corner where they feel happiest.


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…while a boy twin can choose another one. They still share the same ceiling color.

Kids’ furniture

When it comes to beds, you will know if you can fit two separate beds or you should invest in a bunk bed. Nowadays, loft beds are quite popular, mostly due to attractive design and practicality. They are allowing for the most effective use of space that is otherwise left empty. Underneath loft beds, you can create a little study area for each twin. You can add shelves for their trinkets and books, create a reading nook or add beanbags for leisure time. The good thing about kids’ furniture, themed or not, is that it can be assembled and disassembled easily, especially when you need to move home quickly.

Small bedroom, a big challenge

Space is limited in shared rooms, especially with all the furniture you need to fit in. Hopefully, your twins’ bedroom will be spacey, but the true adventure is decorating a small bedroom. In a small bedroom, it’s best to stick to symmetrical, identical bedclothes, as this will greatly reduce visual clutter.  You can put one nightstand between two beds. Your twins can share a dresser and sit on opposite sides of the same desk. However, you might want to put a short vertical divider to keep each twin’s books and school supplies on their side.

Avoiding the clash of twin titans

Bonus tip: Don’t fail to notice that twins are territorial! Twins typically share almost everything which is why you need to plan for individual storage areas in their bedroom. Even if they use the same dresser or chest of drawers,you should assign each kid a specific part of storage space. If space allows it, you can place an open shelf between your twins’ beds, dividing the room visually and allowing for a touch of privacy. Open shelves can be filled with their toys, school supplies, trophies, books, and electronics. You can even fit color-coded storage boxes for their personal belongings. It is so easy to overlook how much kids, especially siblings, especially twin siblings appreciate it and feel significant when they have something entirely for themselves.


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Shared furniture should leave sufficient room for a common play area

You’re not just decorating a bedroom but a living space, too

The more space you save by careful choice of furniture, the more you can invest in a play or lounge area. Expect that your kids will most likely invite friends for sleepovers. Having room for a sofa or air beds would be most convenient.

Storage space

Twins do share a lot of things, but there are some items you will have to buy double. Even with the best efforts, you may not have enough room to store all of their belongings and avoid clutter at the same time. Their excess stuff, like seasonal items and equipment, cribs, strollers, or toys you still wish to keep, you can entrust to a company like Moving Kings NC that provides storage services.

Personal space

While you decorate a bedroom for twins,you need to designate space for their personal interests, hobbies, and achievements, to give them a sense of identity. Regardless of the size of the room, you have walls as your allies and you can fill them with shelves, storing and showing off their collectibles, medals or diplomas, artwork, and crafts. Frame their drawings or the photos they made in the form of collage and hang them in their area. To boost their self-expression, consider hanging bulletin boards, chalkboards, whiteboards, or magnetic boards.
Room sharing has always been difficult, but with twins, you need to take a lot more things into account. The best way to decorate a bedroom is to talk to them about their preferences and make a synthesis. The more they’re involved in the creation, the better they will take care of it.