Did you listen to music today?

The hectic day is finally over and I drag my weary self back home. In this state of exhaustion, I practically don’t want to do anything anymore. As I step foot in home, I find myself in a narrow hole in the wall. With quick glances, there’s only a bed and a small aisle to be accommodated. As I reach and turn on the soft whispers on my cassetplayer near the windowsill, slowly the beautiful melodies reverberates in this tiny, limited space of mine. Yes, the echos are intoxicating.

1. Songs Nourish the Heart

Food nourishes people and songs nourish the heart which read carefully, implies a huge consideration. I often like to listen to the beautiful melody quietly in the windowsill, so that the tired heart to get a moment of peace.


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Human feelings are rich and sensitive. Every bit of life will touch our heartstrings, triggering the initial human touch and desire. Then the music comes into being, which became our best catharsis way. There is a listener to talk, with a delicate and tender heart to listen to the boundless vast inner world. Music ups and downs and the heart with sorrow and pain, enjoying each beat in the note bearing the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy.

2. What is your favorite music?

Among all the Musical Instruments, I like the sound of the violin the most, which is crisp, pleasant, melodious and continuous. It is one of the three major Musical Instruments in the world. What are the characteristics of a violin?
1. Violin panel has radian, pronunciation is more sonorous 
2. Narrow waist, easy to play treble string 
3. Added wood between the panel and back board, prevent wood cracking
4. Uniform paint can pop normal sound quality

Photo from Johnson
Of all the violin -playing music, the one I like best is The Song of the Gypsy, whose sentimental sad color is intertwined with difficult violin skills, and anyone will be in a excited and thinking state of mind when they hear it.

3. The advantages of listening to music

When you’re sad, happy or bored, you can choose to listen to music. Music allows you to enjoy the wonderful scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter in an instant. Music can cross tens of thousands of water, into a person’s heart, pour, drink and dance.


Photo from Orsoon

Let me tell you about the benefits of listening to music.
1. Can develop noble sentiment and humanitarian feelings
2. Promote mental health
3. Open up imagination and creativity
4. Cultivate intuition
5. Show the art of life and make life colorful
6. Develop perfect auditory skills
7. Rational art and cultivate careful thinking ability
8. Moderate art is easy to cultivate moderate and modest temperament


Listen to the wind and rain, it’s the music you carry with, inadvertently music has become a part of you. Music is always a loyal and enthusiastic follower of yours. So did you listen to music today?