Drink a Little at Home when Joyful

Famous ancient Greek poet Homer once said that wine gives strength to weary men. In the movie Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart said to Lisa Bergman during their reunion in the bar that the problem in this world is that everyone drinks less and becomes too sober. Besides, if you had ever seen the Vicky Cristina Barcelona, you would not forget a cup of sour sweet yet cool scarlet sangria on the wine table, in the midnight infatuate bistro is the beginning of a love story. Whatever, tipsy is of great happiness to a certain degree.


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1. Invite Some Friends to Share Joy

is a devastating beauty to these people who drink in the spotlight in
pain and despair, like Tyrion in the Game of Thrones. However, it would
be better for us to drink for pleasure, not to continue worldly
comparisons and the troubles that come with them. You will not get tired
of delicious wine and feeling accompanied once you like it. A bottle of
wine can play a role as a lubricant for friends and serious or casual
conversation when you are leaning against the outside rattan sofa, as a match in outdoor BBQ to light up your passion and release your vitality.


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2. Enjoy A Drink and Sweet Dreams

It is enjoyable to have a proper alcoholic drink in life according to the occasion and mood. After opening expensive whisky or brandy with wine opener in a great day worth celebrating, you are supposed to taste superior wine which is full-bodied and full of aromas of oak, spices, preserved fruit, with a long, layered finish. When you start to feel the effects of alcohol but you’re not too drunk to think and emotion from the bottom of heart amplifies, you are in the tipsy state. It is time to wrap up yourself in a warm as well as comfortable blanket and have a good dream.


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3. A Trace Amount of Alcohol May Sooth Your Frayed Nerves

first appeared in the workers, who regarded the fermented liquid as the
nectar after a hard day’s work. It was the only liquid that could
convert the sugar in food into ethanol through the esophagus and
stomach, and affect the brain to give people a sense of
relaxation. Alcohol reduces your fear, anxiety, and stress, and
increases trust, generosity, and altruistic tendencies. When you are
sitting on the barstool alone,
drink a cup of wine to allow releasing those negative moods out of your
brain. On the other hand, it increases aggression, risk taking, and
prejudice. It can be said that the reasonable treatment of alcohol
problems have great benefits to the body. But being addicted to wine is
harmful to the body, and drink appropriately will be better.


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