10 Tech Gadgets to Help Manage Your Business

Managing your business in an ever-changing atmosphere is a real challenge. Along with some technology basics no company can do without, you will also need to have some tech gadgets to help manage your business. The industry offers hundreds of modern solutions, so you have a difficult task ahead of you. Here are 10 tech gadgets that we think could be the best choice for almost all kinds of business.

1. Electric standing desk

Ok, at a first glance this might not seem like the most comfortable position for working. We agree with you on that one. However, you never know until you try. There is an electric standing desk that allows you to change positions from standing to sitting and back while you are working. The benefits of this gadget to your back are priceless. Some users even say that it helps them with their digestion, too, especially after a heavy meal at work. The studies have shown that this desk boosts productivity, so you should definitely consider getting them for your offices.

2. Smart key chain

One of the smart gadgets that you need in your office is a smart key chain. Well, you actually need it to get into the office.  If you are a business owner or a manager, you probably have so much on your mind and you will often forget about some small things, like the keys for example. They could be easily misplaced and that is why getting a smart key chain can be a good investment. This smart gadget can locate your keys wherever they are.

3. Portable laptop monitor

Portable laptop monitors are becoming more and more popular. Since many workers use their laptops and tablets not only for working from home but at the office as well, such a monitor is a necessity. Of course, you can choose from various sizes and resolutions that are available on the market. The good news is that the manufacturers had both IOS and Android users in mind, so this is one of the tech gadgets to help manage your business that is compatible with all operating systems and most laptop brands.


Caption: A portable laptop monitor is one of the tech gadgets to help manage your business

Alt. tag: A laptop and two portable monitors on a desk


It is a great thing for those who commute or who are moving too. Imagine you are moving to Saudi Arabia for a job. Wouldn’t you like to have your laptop that you are used to, plus a portable laptop monitor so that you can perform your new job more easily and professionally? The portable laptop monitor means that you can:

•    use your laptop that takes up less space than a desktop computer; still, you get to enjoy the benefits of a bigger screen – have your cake and eat it too!

•    read long texts more conveniently since you can switch to portrait mode;

•    get some additional screen space for Office documents and graphical applications – which makes such a monitor one of the best tech gadgets to help manage your business;

•    enjoy better quality images if you opt for a portable laptop monitor with a premium resolution;

4. Charging station
There is no need to go into further detail about this one. Our businesses nowadays depend on many devices that need to be charged regularly. In order to help you stay organized and have all such devices neatly arranged while charging, you need to have a charging station.

Caption: You often have to charge multiple devices at the same time

Alt. tag: Two iPhones charging

5. Multidevice keyboard

Replying to emails and answering text messages has become so much easier with the use of a multidevice keyboard. Just as its name implies, it can be connected to more than one device (tablets, smartphones, desktops), and it uses Bluetooth technology to do so. It has a special integrated cradle that holds your tablet or a smartphone at the perfect angle for your typing. These keyboards are usually made to be compatible with any of the operating systems (Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android).

6. AirBar

AirBar is a small device that turns a regular laptop into a touchscreen. Just like most of the other gadgets described here, it is compatible with Mac and Windows laptops. AirBar can be easily attached to the bottom of a laptop display and after that, you will be able to use a gloved finger or a paintbrush for your interaction with the screen. This can be useful for presentations, video conferences and meetings.

7. 3D printer

3D printers are becoming so popular that many companies feel they need to have one. There are a standard and a wireless version of it. It also comes with modeling software to make it easier to make all sorts of 3D models. You should really consider buying this product if your company is dealing with product manufacturing because it will make the testing phase much shorter. It also gives you the freedom to experiment, so you can enjoy your wonderful weekends with your children watching them play with the toys you made in your office.


Caption: Wouldn’t it be great to bring these home to your children?

Alt. tag: Several toy dinosaurs made in a 3D printer which is one of the tech gadgets to help manage your business


8. ScanSnap

ScanSnap is a gadget used for scanning the documents that you would like to save in your electronic archive. It is much smaller than standard scanners and much faster too. It can also send a scanned document to your email or wherever you choose with just a touch of a button.

9. HDDs and/or SSDs

Every business needs secure storage for their data. If you are planning to move your offices, getting some portable storage solutions should be on your to-do list right after booking professionals from fourwinds-ksa.com for your office relocation. You can opt for HDDs (hardware encrypted hard drives) or SSDs (solid-state drives). Both of these solutions provide you with high-capacity storage but there is a slight difference between them. The former can save more data, while the latter is considered to be more secure.

10. VoIP

Have you already switched to a VoIP system? If not, what are you waiting for? Besides being much cheaper than the traditional landline system, Voice over Internet Protocol has many other benefits. It enables you to make calls from not only a phone but desktop and mobile device (the cost is the same) as well.

Hopefully, you will find some of these tech gadgets to help manage your business useful.