How to handle a short notice office move

The reasons for office relocation can be various. Your business might be growing and you need to find bigger premises. Or, you are moving to a better location. There are a million other reasons as well. However exciting the cause of your relocation might be, there is one part of the process that nobody looks forward to. That is the relocation itself. It takes a lot of time and effort to do it right. But, what happens when we lack one of the two – time? Read on to see how you can handle a short notice office move.


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Start making lists

Organizing and lists go hand in hand. There is a lot of work ahead of you if you are planning to move your office. And since you have to do it on short notice, you’d better start right away! Here are the tasks you should focus on:

●    set the moving date and inform your employees

●    appoint the tasks to those employees who are good at organizing

●    find a moving company to do your short notice office move

●    make sure that you use the right packing supplies

●    inform your partners, clients and/or customers about your new address

●    preschedule the address change wherever possible – insurance company, post office, bank, etc.

Your moving date might have already been set by the circumstances that led to your relocation in the first place. If that is not the case and you still have some time to decide, you should consult your closest coworkers. After all, this is something that is going to affect all the workers in your company.


Caption: Give the right tasks to the right people
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Appoint the right tasks to the right people for your short notice office move

You will have to use your resources cleverly and your resources are your people. Since you have to relocate your business ASAP, make sure that your employees know what is expected of them. If you have more than several people working for you, you should separate them in teams and appoint the leaders. They should be the ones to set the daily goals and inform you about the progress of the preparations. You can either divide them by sectors they work in, or by tasks they should be performing during this relocation. For example, one team can be in charge of finding the right movers, another one can deal with packing materials, etc.

Don’t skip the decluttering phase

Decluttering might seem like an unnecessary step in situations when you have to relocate quickly, but it is actually time-saving. Of course, if you are forced to relocate due to some natural disaster or other force majeure event, you will not be thinking about decluttering. Otherwise, it should be at the top of your list of priorities.


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Find a reliable moving company to do your short notice office move

Don’t even think about performing a DIY move when your office has to be relocated on short notice. There are more office furniture and documents to be moved than you could imagine. Having to organize your relocation is stressful enough and you should hire professionals to help you wherever possible. You wouldn’t want to risk any injuries, would you?
Do you have any experience with moving companies? Do you know which one to call? Finding a reliable moving company is not such a difficult task when you are flexible about the date of your relocation. However, when you have to find one right away, that can be a problem. Since the best movers like those from have their schedules already filled up, you will have to dig a little deeper to find an available moving company to suit all your needs. But, don’t be discouraged. Call them as soon as you can, and they will do their best to shuffle some things around to make an opening for you. Or, you will be lucky enough to stumble upon somebody else’s cancellation, who knows?

Provide some good quality packing supplies

When organizing a short notice office move, every step of the way needs to be done properly. Good quality packing supplies will speed up the packing process. You will not have to use too much tape to make a box sturdier and your office supplies will not just come through the box when lifted. You need boxes that are reliable, durable and easily portable. If you do not know where to find those, you can ask your movers. They will provide you with the best packing materials on the market.
Remember, cardboard boxes are not all that you need for packing. Some plastic bins can be very handy too. You will also need some soft padding for packing your fragile items such as photo frames and some pieces of office decoration. Don’t forget to protect your valuable smart gadgets, too.


Caption: You need good quality packing supplies for your office relocation
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Your IT equipment has to be packed carefully to endure transport.

Maybe you will need some professionals to help you handle that as well. If you do not have the original boxes for every piece of technical equipment you are planning to move, you will have to provide the right size boxes and some padding for protection. Packing peanuts can be helpful, but be careful where you use them. As shock-absorbent as they are, they can get stuck in slots or ports in your tech gadgets.
When you organize your office relocation on short notice, you need to use all the shortcuts and try some time-saving tricks. One of them would be labeling the boxes. A label should contain not only the list of contents but the destination as well. It only takes you a second to do so, and it will be so much easier for your movers since they will know where to put each box in your new office. In addition, you will be able to unpack quickly since you will know exactly where each item is located.
Don’t forget to update your contact details

This is also an important step and it doesn’t even have to be time-consuming since nowadays you can preschedule these changes. Don’t forget to inform your clients and partners about the changes. Bear in mind that a short notice office move must not be an excuse for unprofessional behavior.