The Most Practical Tips for Small Space Interior Design

Having your own home in the city is a reflection of the city’s sense of belonging. In cities with rising housing prices, small units are becoming the first choice for young people. By designing and arranging, small units can also meet your living, storage and privacy needs. Therefore, this article provides some suggestions for the decorative design of small spaces.


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1.Pay attention to color matching, mainly in light colors

In home decoration, color matching is one of the most important factors, especially for small spaces. Improper use of color can be counterproductive. Therefore, the color matching of small spaces must pay attention to the uniformity of the overall space. According to the principle of color, white is the visual effect that maximizes the field of view and expands the space among all colors. However, if you think that white is too monotonous, the lighter series will be a good choice. In light tones, you can change the pattern according to your personal preferences and change hundreds of styles.


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2.Choose small and practical furniture

When choosing furniture, you can choose the furniture that has the function of storage. The choice of furniture size should not be too large and it should be simple and clear. The simple and smooth furniture style will make the whole home look lively and light, and eliminate the oppressive feeling brought. What’s more, it should also be as light as possible, and furniture such as rattan and wood isperfect for small-sized homes. It is not only light, but also gives people a cool feeling, and the overall space will not appear too depressed.

Nowadays, some functional furniture is very popular, it can maximize the utilization of space, even the corner space can be used perfectly. Such as  wall mounted deskdrop-leaf table  and so on.


Set of 2 Armless PU Leather Dining Chairs with Wooden Legs

L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Computer PC Laptop Table

Bathroom Tower Storage Shelving Display Cabinet


3.Use hollow and intermittent design

For small units, try not to make hard partitions. If you need to do it, you can consider using glass partitions or using some hollow design. Transparent glass and carved glass are gradually favored by young people in modern decoration because they have no hindrance to light and sight, and can highlight the integrity of space. Under normal circumstances, the glass partition of the bathroom and the kitchen is used more. This decoration method makes the space no longer narrow, and each room no longer has strict boundaries.


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