How about a liquid vitamin pill for breakfast?

Freshly squeezed juices are full of vitamins, boost our vitality and are perfect for a healthy diet. So, if you want to change your diet to be healthier, you can do so easily with freshly squeezed juices: fast, effective and inexpensive. Here are my experiences on the topic of freshly squeezed juices and juice fasting.



Why freshly squeezed juices and not the whole fruit?

The great thing about drinking healthy juice and juice fasting is that we can consume a lot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants in no time at all. When else did you eat 1 apple, 1 celery stick, 2 carrots, 1 orange and ½ green cucumber for breakfast? So much raw food is not something everyone enjoys early in the morning.

For best results, the fruits and vegetables should of course come from organic farming – organic trumps pesticide infested vegetables any time, and the sustainable farming is also good for the environment. But don’t get religious about it. Apples and carrots from the US are usually not as heavily contaminated as fruits from abroad. Though, be careful with grapes, strawberries and citrus fruits. Make sure to buy organic here, as these fruits often show stronger pesticide contamination from conventional cultivation.

No fiber in fresh juices. Can this be healthy?

When pressing fresh, healthy juices, the fiber and pulp of the fruits are lost. But don’t fret, because that’s a good thing and desired outcome of juicing fruits. Because without these fillers, the stomach and bowel do not have to work that much, they can absorb the vitamins and trace elements more quickly. The busiest intestines can finally take a few hours off and regenerate. The body detoxifies and makes sure to make organs 100% ready for the next meal.


Photo by Alexander Mils

How about juice fasting?

You do not have to juice fast for several weeks straight away to do something positive for your health. Just start with a fresh juice in the morning before breakfast or as a breakfast substitute. After a while, you can, for example, juice-fast for a day, or even several consecutive days. A healthy diet should be fun and not based on renunciation. Some people even fast for several weeks with fresh juices and feel great afterwards. If you do that, it’s best to talk to your doctor first about juice fasting.

Can you lose weight with fresh juices?

Healthy, fresh-squeezed juices are basic and deacidified, helping the body to regain a healthy balance. I’ve already lost a few pounds with juice fasting. However, you should prefer to switch your diet to healthy food in the long term to lose weight.

How do I best start with fresh juices?

If you start with the fresh juices, I advise you to keep the fruit content higher than the vegetable content, so that the sweet taste outweighs. Diabetics should consult with their doctor beforehand and do not use fruits such as melons, bananas and grapes as they can cause the blood sugar levels to rise too fast. If you have become friends with the fruit juices, you can now increase the proportion of vegetables more and more. So you save fructose and the fresh juice recipes are even healthier!

How much does a good juicer cost?

Good juicers do not have to cost much. should not be saved here. My juicer has 600 watts, so it gets even harder vegetables like carrots squeezed out quickly. Simple devices do not squeeze all the juice from the fruits and can even damage the vitamins.

Proper preparation and storage of fresh juices

It is best to drink fresh juices soon after making it – then all the ingredients are perfect for a healthy diet. If you have squeezed too much juice or just want to prepare some juice in advance, you can fill the fresh juice in lockable mason jars. Best to squeeze ½ to a whole lemon into the juice, so that it does not turn brown so fast. This healthy juice can be kept well in the fridge for a day or more.