Must have office supplies you can get online



Alt text: A businessman sitting at his office desk surrounded by office supplies you can get online.

A modern office space that boosts employee productivity should be neat and clutter-free, yet have everything employees need for their day-to-day tasks. Since office supply shopping is not a casual shopping spree, it should be carefully planned in accordance with the company’s needs and budget. Huge office supply stores and their charming staff can trick you into buying a ton of stuff you don’t even need – stuff that will only get in the way once you start working. This list compiles all the must have office supplies you can get online and spare yourself an expensive, time-consuming trip to various office supply stores. 


Figure 1These days, you can get anything online – office supplies are no exception.


Alt: Pens, paper clips, sticky notes and other office supplies available online.

Essential list of office supplies you can get online
Writing tools

Although we live in a digital age, writing with pen and paper is sometimes necessary, plus, it has psychological benefits. A well-stocked office must have an ample supply of writing tools.

Ballpoint pens. We suggest ordering pens in three basic colors – blue, black, and red. 
Pencils, pencil sharpeners and erasers. Pencils are convenient when writing down things you want to be able to erase. Plus, they don’t require ink and they last longer. 
Markers. Markers are the best writing tool for highlighting the important stuff, like essential points in your personal notes or books. They also come in handy when you need to label your lunch in the company fridge or label cardboard boxes. You can use them for writing on notice boards as well.
Highlighters. Order a set of highlighters in different colors you can use to organize things like your meeting notes and to-do lists.
Place a few pencil holders on your office desk to sort your writing tools according to type or color.


Figure 2Pens and notebooks are your basic office supplies you can get online.


Alt: A notebook and a pen – essential office supplies you can get online. 

Notebooks are still in use

Once you get your pens and pencils, you’ll need something to write in. Paperless offices are becoming the norm, which is great for the environment; however, notepads are still in use. Order a couple of notebooks you can use in meetings and to write to-do lists, draft memos or letters. We recommend using a 5 1/2″x8 1/2″ notebook for quick notes and to-dos and a 8 1/2″x11″ notebook for meeting notes, projects, and appointments. 

Paper shredders can help you in many ways

If you keep confidential and sensitive content in the form of physical documents, you should use paper shredders to cut paper into strips or fine pieces. The reasons to have a paper shredder in your office are numerous. In addition to identity theft prevention, paper shredding helps eliminate clutter and fire hazards and protects the environment. Moreover, there are laws that prohibit improper disposal of confidential documents.

Filing office supplies you can get online
Organization is key to a healthy, productive working environment. Paperwork isn’t easy to organize, which means your filing system should be as simple as possible. Commonly used filing office supplies you can get online include different kinds of file folders, index dividers, tabs, file labels, filing cabinets or bankers boxes.

We suggest using a separate binder for each area of work, project and task. Binders are even more helpful when you use them together with index tabs. To label your tabs, you can write directly on them or use folder labels. 

Paper clips are a useful tool for keeping papers together. They come in many sizes and forms. The most commonly used ones are binder clips, bulldog clips, treasury tags, and brass fasteners.


Figure 3If your desk is constantly buried in papers, you won’t be able to get any work done.


Alt: A stack of binders full of papers. 

Used cardboard boxes may be the most affordable containers you can find and use for storing your items, but they are only acceptable in your home’s basement or garage. You shouldn’t use moving boxes to organize your belongings at the office. An office should look professional. 

Get some affordable plastic bins instead. Organizer bins can help you store all of your paperwork and other office supplies in one place. There are rolling carts with removable drawers you can get online.

A desk isn’t complete without a lamp
A well-organized desk can reach its full potential only with a functional lamp. A lamp that fits your office décor will look nice on your desk, provide additional light whenever you need it, and even help you concentrate. Consider ordering an energy-saving desk lamp to cut electricity costs.


Figure 4A well-organized desk isn’t complete without a lamp.


Alt: A desk lamp, potted plants, and a laptop on top of a desk.

Office chair floor mats protect your floors

Placing a mat underneath your office chair will protect your office floor. If there is a carpet underneath your office chair, the wheels can get stuck. If there is a wooden floor, the wheels might scratch it or loosen the floor tiles. The solution to both problems is an office chair mat.

Boards also come in different forms and sizes all of which are available online. There are dry-erase boards, whiteboards, poster boards, vision boards, scheduling boards, tack boards, and the list goes on. A simple magnetic writing whiteboard can be used on various occasions, such as meetings and presentations, or simply to write important notices for everyone to see.