Popular for Over 300 Years—-My name is Windsor Chair

I am sure you must have seen me, but you don’t know what my name is, let me officially introduce myself.

I’m Windsor chair, and I’m over 300 years old, but I don’t know exactly how old I am, because I don’t even know who my parents are. But everyone says I was born in a small town in England called Windsor, from which I got my name. My arrival has been favored by the people of all walks of life in the UK. You can see my figure in the humble homes of ordinary people and in the high-end residences of the upper class.


Photo by Basil Thomas


1. My family is big and has different styles
In the 1970s, I crossed the ocean and come to the British colony at that time—-the United States, and then become popular in various regions, so now my family works in every corner of the world. And the craftsmen began to transform me. There are a thousand Windsor chairs in a thousand designer’s mind. As a result, I have a variety of appearances.

Here are some photos of my family, and they have different styles, such as:

·Fan back

·Sack back

·Bow back

·Comb back

·Low back

·Rod back

·Brace back

·Rock chair

·Writing arm chair

Carpenters from different countries and regions also use different woods to make my body parts, such as:









Photo from designsponge.com


2. Comfort and versatility are my labels
I am made of solid wood all over the body. My slim body is light but strong, so I am perfect for people to use and at a low price. Compared with other furniture, people will soon be able to make one. The seat back and the sitting surface are fully ergonomically designed to make the sitting feel very comfortable. In addition, I am also very versatile, and can be mixed with furniture of different style and different color, without any sense of contradiction. You can see my footprints in the living room, restaurant, farmhouse, court, hotel, bistro, library, conference room and outdoor.


Photo by Cam Fattahi



Set of 2 Vintage Winds Side Wood Chairs
3 Pcs Bistro Steel Table and Chair
Set of 2 Fabric Upholstered Dining Chairs


3. My honor and dream
What is the proudest of me is that I witnessed the pioneer of American independence read the Declaration of Independence. But what makes me even more proud is that I can be popular all over the world for more than 300 years. My uniqueness, stability, durability, fashion, and economic features have been unanimously affirmed. My only aspiration is to continue to wander around the world and step afoot into thousands of households to make people feel comfortable whenever they return home and rest.

So do you now know me?