Clever kitchen space-saving ideas

It is almost impossible to find a person who is satisfied with the size and layout of their kitchen. From storage to the workable area, we could all use some more room. Luckily, there are plenty of clever kitchen space-saving ideas that can compensate for the lack of square footage in that part of our house.

When designing your kitchen, opt for floor-to-ceiling cupboards

Maximizing your vertical kitchen space is a good idea for small kitchens and pantries. However, there is a slight risk that you will close up your kitchen and make it look visually smaller than it actually is. Choosing the brighter colors for cupboards and cabinets can be helpful there. Also, you will have to organize your cabinetry wisely to expand the storage space. Use the upper shelves for less frequently needed items such as dishes you use for holiday baking or large cooking pots. It goes without saying that you should keep the ladder or a foldable chair nearby.


Caption: Maximize your vertical kitchen space by choosing cupboards that touch the ceiling


A pull-out pantry can be a great idea to utilize the narrow horizontal room that you might have by the fridge or elsewhere. That is the best way to turn otherwise useless space into a maximized room where you can keep your pantry items.

Use the tops of your appliances and cabinets

Similarly to the upper shelves in your cupboards, the top of your fridge can be home to some serving trays or other dishes that you do not need many times a day. This is the perfect spot for them since they are at hand and at the same time, you will probably not have to climb a chair to reach them. You can use the tops of your cabinets to store items that did not find their place in the pantry. For example, you can pack empty jars, plastic food containers, some holiday serving dishes, and other lighter items inside some nice-looking boxes, label them and keep on top of your cupboards.
If you simply do not have room for large pots and other dishes that you use only seasonally, the best solution is to put unnecessary bulky items in storage. You do not preserve pickles or make fruit jams all-year-round which means that you can keep the dishes you only use for that purpose in a separate storage unit and fetch them when needed.

Never underestimate the importance of drawers

There are various types of drawers and all of them are clever kitchen space-saving ideas. That is if you keep them organized at all times. Drawers tend to be home to most of the clutter inside your kitchen. Try to create a habit of regularly cleaning and reorganizing them, at least once a month. There are many accessories specially designed for this purpose and you should give them a try.


Caption: Drawers are among the clever kitchen space-saving ideas, when kept tidy


Since this part of a house gets so easily cluttered, that means that the kitchen can be tricky to pack too. Preparing your kitchen for renovation or relocation will probably take most of your time, so you should be aware of that and try to keep it neat, clean and organized at all times.
Many built-in cabinets are just too deep to be practical. That is where you can put internal drawers and reach the most inaccessible parts of your cabinets. Use them to keep plates and cookware that you use often. When you design your kitchen, don’t spare your money on the drawer mechanisms. They are the ones to support the dishes inside and can make a real mess when broken.

Even the less obvious spots can be used as clever kitchen space-saving ideas

Using every single inch of space wisely is one of the rules of minimalist design for small kitchens. Some of the less obvious spots include:
•    the sides of your cabinets and cupboards – If they are not touching the wall, you can use them to hang a pot rail or at least some hooks for kitchen towels.
•    the inside of the doors – cabinet, cupboard or pantry door alike can be perfect for slim shelves you can use for spices or racks for lids, platters or cutting boards. Try some sticky pegs for storing snacks too.
•    space under your lower cabinets – toe-kick drawers can be installed there. This is one of clever kitchen space-saving ideas that even the biggest kitchen owners should try. The drawers can be used to store some baking supplies, plastic bags, table clothes or whatever you decide. The great thing about these drawers is that you will not have to clean the space underneath your cabinets.
•    the bottom of your cupboards – even this side can be used for hanging kitchen utensils, glasses, spice jars, etc.

Use up all of the unused wall space

You can mount rails pretty much everywhere in the kitchen and use them to hang heavier items just like the lighter ones. For instance, pots, pans, glasses, and mugs can be stored above your countertop to be at hand. Kitchen towels, plants, and various accessories can be decorative when hung properly.


Caption: Shelves can be home to many decorative and practical items


Shelves are also good for utilizing space. Nowadays they can be bought to fit any style of the kitchen and you can find them in all shapes and sizes. With just a little bit of creativity, shelves can be as decorative as they are practical. Use them to display some of your prettiest dishes such as some fine china, nice glasses or vintage plates. Shelves are a clever space-saving idea that can be used for keeping cookbooks and cooking magazines.

Choosing smaller pieces of furniture makes sense

If you are looking to maximize your kitchen space, you should avoid massive pieces of furniture. Instead of getting a table, maybe you can opt for a foldable one. A built-in table that can be tucked underneath the countertop, also known as nesting table is the perfect solution for smaller kitchen layouts. Such a table can serve as a cutting board, so it’s quite practical.
Those were just some of the clever kitchen space-saving ideas you can try to implement in your kitchen. We hope they will make your time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable.