Living Room——Facade of Your Entire House


Living room, the facade of the house, is the place where the host meets with the guests. The decoration and color of the living room can reflect the host’s character, characteristics, vision, personality, etc. It can not only meet people’s life style and demand function, but also reflect their own taste, cultural background and cultivation connotation. The design style contains more master’s understanding of life and unique cultural connotation. Here are several living room decorations recommended for your living room to give your guests a refreshing feeling and relieves your fatigue of running around all day.


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1. Light Up Your Inner World

Maybe sometimes, we don’t need to be too bright, especially on a romantic night. The mottled light and shadow crisscross are like the spirits in the depths of dreams, which will make us feel romantic and warm. I believe that the multi-level light and shadow will make the space more alive. Moreover, the design of the creative Tiffany floor lamp itself is also the perfect decoration and embellishment in the household details.


Glass Globe LED Floor Lamp

1-Light Torchiere Floor Lamp

Tiffany-Style 2 Light Standard Lamp


2. Warm Up Your Entire Winter

When the night is boundless, we need a little bit of starlight to comfort. When the future is bleak, we need a navigation light to light up the road ahead. When the snow and ice cover the earth, all we need is the company of one of our radiator heater. You can use the remote control to efficiently heat up every corner of your room. And the built-in double over-heat and anti-tilting protection will automatically cut off the circuit to ensure safety during use.


1500W LCD Electric Radiator Heater
1500W Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater

700 W Mini Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater


3. Tidy Up All Your Collections

The standard configuration of the living room not only includes sofas, coffee tables, curtains, etc., The cabinet also has an irreplaceable storage function in the home. You can put decorations, books and greens plants on it, which will make it an art corner of your living room. And especially for families with small space, it can make full use of space.


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