Essential Baby Furniture


Buying and Choosing baby furniture is one of many fun and exciting task for a parent. For first time parents usually they prefer to buy all the new stuff but, for those who had the experience of being parents would either use the hand me down or old stuff and buy only those essentials.



 What are essential baby furniture do we need?

  A crib, mini crib and/or co-sleeper

  A nursing or rocking chair

  A changing table and/or dresser

  A high chair


A bed specifically designed for infants and young children. It usually resembles a bed meant for older kids and adults, with the addition of a slatted railing on all four sides—keeping baby in place.
Take into consideration the following:

Side bars be sure the baby will not slip out or get stuck,

Corner posts be careful it would not catch your child’s clothing

Bare is best avoid clutter inside the crib with stuff toys, pillows and other unnecessary stuff. All you need is a waterproof pad and fitted sheet.

Dust bunnies are small ball of dust that form under furniture and in corners that are not cleaned regularly. Cleaning the crib often will avoid dust bunnies.

Cords and strings Keep the crib away from windows, curtains, cords and anything else your little one can pull. Hanging baby mobiles are fine as long as they’re kept out of reach.

Mattresses the cribs mattress should be a close-fitting, reaching every corner of the crib’s frame. If more than two fingers fit between the crib and the side of the mattress, the mattress is too small.

Inheritance If your crib is a hand-me-down, be sure to check for stable hinges, as well as sharp or protruding pieces. If it’s made of wood, be sure the finish is smooth and splinter free.<


Foldable 4 color Baby Crib

Foldable 2 Color Baby Crib 

Portable Baby Playpen Crib Cradle



You have to choose a nursing chair it maybe rocking, gliding, or a stationary chair as long as you’ll feel comfortable in it and can support your arms as you hold your baby for long amounts of time. Consider also its safety for both you and the baby.


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There should be a pad that is affixed to the table with a safety strap. Consider storage, look for obstruction on four sides and check the tables height for comfort when changing diapers or dressing the baby.


Baby Changing Table Nursery Diaper Station

Baby Changing Table with 6 Basket Drawers
Infant Baby Storage Changing Table w/3 Baskets



Choose a high chair that is sturdy. It should have a harness, a wide base so it would be stable won’t tip easily and make sure it meets the current safety standards.


Baby High Chair Infant Toddler Feeding Booster Seat 

Wooden Baby High Chair with Removeable Tray
Wooden Baby 3 in 1 Convertible High chair w/Cushion


Parenting is not an easy task and it takes a lifetime. Get only what is essential for the baby as you may need other important things.