For many city dwellers there is this high price of housing, and small space living is the best option.

Make a smart use of your space even you feel that it is small. A well planned selection of accessories and furniture is the key to making a tiny home cozy. It is essential to get the right layout and pieces for your small space home. Get more organize and fill your quarter with things that are practical and helpful.

When decorating your bedroom, every square inch is a potential storage. Ponder on how to make your small bedroom special. You can downsize your bed. A trundle bed allows the room to be spacious during the day and comfortable at night. Also, placing the bed against the wall will free up space in the floor to make way for other furniture. Another thing to consider is the wall color. You can jazz up and makes your room fresh. Add warm color or attention grabbing patterns of curtains to help distract the small size space.


Convertible Lounger Folding Sofa Sleeper Bed
Queen Size Metal Steel Bed
6-Tier S-Shaped Bookcase


Turn your bathroom into a true zen zone area: you want your bathroom sanctuary shipshape and help to ease stress. When it comes to making spaces look bigger, less is more. Free up floor space, ditch up the bulky vanity sink across from the shower and opt to a corner type vessel sinkacross from the toilet. Also, consider adding a multipurpose furniture or accessory like a mirror cabinet above the the sink to contain and tuck away toiletries or even self-care products.


Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted Adjustable Medicine Storage Mirror Cabinet

Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Single Mirror Door


There is no easy way to manage a cubbyhole living room. The living room is where we go to kick back and relax after a long stressful day. The gateway to making a small living room to look comfortable is to take advantage of the present living space you have.  Color choice has such a large impact on a room, switch to plain bright colors for ease color matching of furniture and accessories. Decide to hang large mirrors in the wall to make look space larger and transforms how the way room looks like. Another biggest choice you need to make when living in a small space is to discern the tip-topsofa. Avoid all bulky furniture, choose a two seater rather than a 3 seater sofa, and do choose a furniture with multi-purpose usage like an ottoman or bench with storage.


45″ Large Folding Ottoman Storage Seat

16″ Ottoman Pouffe Storage Box Lounge Seat Footstools

30″ Large Folding Ottoman Storage Seat


Every home deserves to become beautiful and sweet, may it be a wide or small scale. What is important is the reflection of you in every corner of the room that imprints your special touches.