Enlarge Your Small Bedroom


The bedroom is the important place for people to rest and stay alone, and the decor of bedroom should be warm and clean. In addition, the bedroom also bears the functions of storage, dressing and even learning, so it is often necessary to place furniture such as bed, vanity table set, bedside tables and even bookshelves in the bedroom. However, it has always been a big problem for tiny bedrooms , which have an awkward situation that too many things, but insufficient storage space. If the layout of the small bedroom is not scientific and reasonable, it will make the space look smaller and narrower. The most important thing for small bedrooms is to increase space utilization without wasting ground space. 

In the case of a small bedroom space, what can be done to balance comfort and practicality?


Photo by Timothy Buck on Unsplash


1. Make Full Use of Wall

If you want to make a big space in a tiny bedroom, the first thing you need to do is improve storage space. Wall Cabinet is definitely a prefect option which provide ample storage space for you while without take up ground space.


Rustic Pipe Shelving Vintage Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf
Set of 6 Home Display Floating Wall Mounted Shelves
Wall Mounted Floating Computer Table Desk 

2. Reasonable Use of Nightstand

In a tiny bedroom, a small bedside table with a simple line is enough to store the intimate pieces. Features deep drawers and spacious table top which enhance plenty of storage for you . On the top, you can place some of your decors like photo frame or vase. In the drawer, you will have additional storage space to put some small articles and they can be easily to find when you need them.


Multipurpose Retro Bedside Nightstand with 2 Drawers
End Side Storage Drawer Nightstand 
Brown Vintage Nightstand Sofa Side  with USB Port


3. Choose a Multi-Purpose Bed with Storage Function

Bed often occupy the largest space in our bedroom, so choose the one that comes with the storage function can effectively improve space utilization.


Platform Bed 

There is plenty of room under the bed to store some things like storage boxes, suitcases and luggage and it is easy to take them out. Your room will be clean and neat after you put them under your bed.


Twin Loft Bed

This bunk bed below space can be used as a play area or workstation. This creative design saves you space and gives you more flexibility.

Bed with Drawers

This storage bed features drawers in the footboard which ample the storage space for clothing and quilts. More, comes with handles which install in each drawer provide easy handholds to make opening and closing the drawers.


Platform Bed Twin Size Bed Frame Wood Slat Support
Twin Loft Bed Metal Bunk Ladder Beds for Bedroom Dorm
Home Platform Wood Bed Frame with 2 Drawers