Laundry Room Matters

Who loves doing laundry? Unfortunately, doing laundry is one of the last things we’d like to do at home. When we think of the said room, we picture out the pile of laundry needed to wash and dry, and clothes waiting to be folded.

Here are are some ideas on how to enjoy the mini makeover without causing a big hole in your pocket.

Install a Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Using the walls and ceilings, the hanging drying racks keep things out of the way.To consider a wall-mounted drying rack for an easy spot to leave those delicate to dry to save major space in tiny rooms.


Stainless Wall Mounted Expandable Clothes Drying Towel Rack

Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Towel Storage Rack

Wall-Mounted Folding Clothes Towel Drying Rack


Add More Hanging Bars

Nifty trick for maximizing every inch: Fill unused wall space with simple tension rods for air-drying and to hold freshly laundered items before they go into the closet.

Leave a Hamper Close By

Make a room for hardworking hampers.  Why not trying out a 3 bag hamper – it can save time on laundry day by pre-sorting your loads into whites, lights, and darks. Some hampers are equipped with wheels — perfect for picking up dirty clothes around the house.


Bamboo Frame Durable Sorter Storage Laundry Hamper

Double Laundry Hamper Storage Collapsible Basket

3 Bag Rolling Laundry Sorter Cart Hamper Organizer


Add Hooks

Hooks and hangers are probably one of the quickest and simplest ways to keep things wrinkle-free, tidy and easy to find. Additional wall hooks also will come in handy for hanging any knick knacks, like shoe bags, or items that need to be sent to the dry cleaner.


Photo by Remodelista


Bring on a Laundry Basket System

Whether you’re carrying a load of laundry upstairs or need a drop spot for towels, baskets can help organize the clothes. Regardless how you do it, make sure to sort the laundry by colors or what is made of.


Laundry Hamper Hand-Woven Synthetic Rattan Laundry Basket

Set Of 3 Oval Hand-Woven Willow Wicker Storage Basket

Folding Double Rectangle Bamboo Hamper Laundry Basket



Walls of the the laundry room should not be left behind.  Changes in temperature and humidity need to be considered in choosing an appropriate wallpaper.  Solid latex or canvas backed wallpapers are suited to shifting conditions of temperature or humidity of the room.  Avoid  silk, grass cloth, or velvet wallpapers to avoid bubbling, buckling, peeling, or could even cause to slide off the wall if temperature and humidity fluctuations become extreme. When it comes to color and pattern for small spaces like laundry rooms, it is better to settle on lighter colors and smaller patterns for it can help small room look spacious.


Photo from Danziger Design


Lastly, try adding up a funny signs to your laundry room floors or walls, and your chores may be not so boring.   While it’s true that the laundry room should be functional, who said it couldn’t be fun?