The Public Record of Treadmills

Does using treadmill can really improve your health? Yes, yes, yes! That is why treadmills at your gym are always taken and sometimes there’s a line who’s next. It is because it’s easy to use, it provides with as much customization as you want, and can easily track your progress.

But have you ever wondered how the ever popular cardiovascular equipment evolved does? Prepare your shoes as we take a quick track back of its history.


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In the 1st century AD, the Ancient Romans used a treadwheel or polyspaston crane for manipulating heavy objects. It was primarily used in the building of castles and cathedrals. The often heavy charge is lifted as the individual inside the treadwheel crane walks.


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Did you know that in later times treadmills were actually used to punish people in prisons? In 1818, an English engineer named Sir William Cubitt installed treadmills for punishment.He proposed that in order to cure the idle prisoners at Bury St. Edmunds gaol , their muscle power must be used and produce a beneficial work. While the purpose was mainly just a form of punishment, the mill would grind grain, pump water or ventilate, so there was a a big good point for the community.

Until 1952 that Dr. Robert A. Bruce from University of Washington in Seattle, developed to put the treadmill belt to use for humans to walk on it. The machine was used as a stress test. The data results was to diagnose various heart problems and was surfaced as a medical use.


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By the 1960s the treadmill became a vital piece of equipment in gyms and in homes. By then, the treadmill machines were motorized, running and walking enthusiasts could go for long walks or run, and never leave their own home.

Advancement in treadmill technology keep on continuing at a steady
pace but the spotlight was shifted to comfort,advancement and usability.

The next time the climate turns to gloomy and you hop in your
treadmill, you can say thanks to the Romans, Sir Cubitt, and Dr. Bruce
for inventing and developing one of the matchless exercise machines of
all time, the Treadmill.

Regardless of the weather,
there’s no excuse to stay up and be healthy all year long. Be get ready
to fall in love with running all over again.


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