How to Turn Your Basement into a Kids’ Playroom

Is the middle of your nicely set living room your kids’ favorite place to play in even though they have their own rooms? You are not alone, it’s an endless struggle for many parents. But, if you have a spare basement, maybe that area can be a solution to your problem. Say goodbye to mess in your living room and turn your basement into a kids’ playroom that they would actually want to play in for longer than fifteen minutes. Now, let’s see what you can do to make this adaptation a successful one.

The place needs to be clean

This is the most logical starting point. If you want your children to spend time in their new room, you have to make sure that it is clean and safe for them. If you have issues with mold and humidity in your basement, make sure that you address them before you start doing anything else here.

Start with flooring

If you are lucky to have your basement finished already, then flooring might not be a big investment for you. Hardwood floors are always the best, and for that matter, the most expensive option. If that is your choice, you should consult professionals before embarking on this mission since different rules apply to the basement and the rest of your home. You will probably have to prepare the foundation differently before laying the hardwood floor.


The floor surface needs to be comfortable


Wall-to-wall carpets are what most people go for in their basements when they turn them into a living area. But, if you are getting this place ready for your kids, maybe you should consider other options since carpets can be very expensive and difficult to maintain. If you are not ready to have your carpet cleaned or replaced after various spills every few months, we would suggest some of the options:
•    interlocking foam mats – these can be found in a variety of colors to match any interior;
•    carpet tiles – also great for maintenance since they can be easily cleaned and replaced individually when needed;
•    vinyl flooring – vinyl is back and it is the perfect choice for you if you want to turn your basement into a kids’ playroom;
•    classic tiles – tiles are the most durable option, but they are not the most comfortable surface for your kids to play on;

Pay attention to the walls
Basements can be prone to molds which is why special attention needs to be paid to the choice of wall paint. When you visit the paint store, make sure that you consult the professionals and they will help you choose the right one for your conditions. When picking the color, our advice to you is to go for brighter options. Basements are usually dark, you probably want something lighter for your kids’ playroom.

Move on to set the proper lighting

Having windows in the basement, however small they might be, is precious. Spending too many hours in artificially lit rooms is not good for children. However, if your basement doesn’t get the natural light, you should at least choose light sources that are healthier for your children. Luckily, nowadays you can find thousands of LED light sources that are both practical and nice looking. Since basements usually don’t have tall ceilings, we suggest tracked or recessed lights. Of course, wall and table lamps are always welcome to help your kids play and create.

Make sure there’s enough storage

We are pretty sure there is not a single parent who can boast having enough storage room for all their children’s stuff. The toys, requisites, drawings, painting supplies, books – all of these items need to be stored systematically. Open shelves are the most common choice for kids’ playrooms even though they are not so practical for cleaning. Get some drawers and boxes for smaller toys, sets, and art supplies.


Some of the kids’ toys are very bulky


Bear in mind that even the most organized of spaces need to be decluttered from time to time. This is especially true for kids’ areas. These need to be cleaned and decluttered even more often than the other rooms. At the beginning of each season, you should go through all of your kids’ stuff (toys and clothes) and decide what to keep and what to throw away or donate. Do this if you are planning to move soon too. There is no use in transporting your household goods to another address if you are no going to need them there.

Select the furniture

Choosing pieces of furniture for your basement that is being turned into a kids’ playroom shouldn’t give you a headache. Since this is the room that will probably change its purpose in several years, you don’t have to invest much in furniture. Even the poorer quality pieces may serve their purpose and last for the necessary period. On the other hand, there are many second-hand stores where you can buy really good pieces that are just as good as new. With a fresh coat of paint, you can give them a completely different and unique look, you can even get your kids involved if they are old enough to participate. When it comes to padded furniture, such as sofas, couches, and chairs, fabric durability is a must.
If your basement is one big room and you are turning only one part of it into a kids’ playroom, make sure that the furniture in your adult area is positioned in a way that you can watch your little ones playing. Of course, this goes for children who are not old enough to be playing unattended. Since it is easier to spend some family time when everyone is entertained, many parents decide to designate the space right next to the kids’ playroom in the basement to be their TV room.

Last, but not least – the decoration

Kids’ playrooms do not need many decorative items since the toys and other kids’ stuff make them already colorful enough.


Turn your basement into a kids’ playroom and decorate
it with drawings


You can have some family or kids’ photos framed, or you can choose some of your children’s drawings to put on the walls. That will be just enough to make your project of turning your basement into a kids’ playroom a successful one.