Hacks for packing, moving and storing office supplies

Changing your office location can be somewhat difficult. You need to take everything you’ve been collecting over the years and transfer it somewhere else. This, of course, entails trying to fit it into a new, completely different space. Experiencing a change of any caliber and having to form new habits is hard. Luckily, there are always simple ways and hacks that you can apply to your situation to make it more bearable for yourself. Going through those tips and learning how to do everything in the simplest way possible really makes a difference. On that note, here are some hacks for packing, moving and storing office supplies that might be helpful. 

Stay organized

Staying organized prior to when you have to pack, move and store office supplies is crucial. If you have knick-knacks lying around your office and don’t know where your things are, you’re not going to be able to organize anything in time for your office move. 

Make sure to start with your office organization as early as possible. There are, of course, some tools and gadgets that can help you be organized. However, you need to be able to set aside some time and energy to dig into everything and, slowly but surely, prepare your office for packing, moving and storing supplies. 


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It’s important to organize your office before packing it.

An organized arrangement of files

Organizing your home office before you think about the rest

If you have a home office, it’s much easier for it to get cluttered and messy. You probably have a lot of stuff lying around that shouldn’t be in your office at all. This is completely normal. Having a home office definitely means making some sacrifices. However, they have one great advantage: they’re much easier to clear out. This is because you can organize and declutter them any time of the day while taking breaks and you can even get your family to help. Just make sure not to fall into the “I’ll get to that later” mindset. Just get to organizing your home office as soon as possible.

Retrieve anything you may have loaned

Another really important thing to think about before you get to packing, moving and storing office supplies is getting everything back. Over the years, you must’ve loaned some office items to your colleagues and really never taken them back. There must also be some things that you need to return. Whatever it is, make sure to do it on time because, otherwise, you’ll just end up forgetting once you’re too busy to think about them. 

Hire good movers

Hiring good movers isn’t just something that’ll help you during a proper home move. Packing, moving and storing office supplies is something that takes a lot of work and your movers can help you out with that as well. Not just with carrying and storing your items, but also with just giving you advice when you need it. Finding reliable movers that’ll cater to your needs isn’t easy, but it’s achievable. There are movers such as goodneighborsmoving.com out there that are really professional and know how to help every customer individually depending on what they’re looking for.

Storage options
Another important thing to think about when packing, moving and storing things from your office is where you’ll put them while you’re in between offices. Many different storage options are available, all you need to do is find one that fits. Here are some tips:

Look for storage at a convenient location

Make sure you’ve chosen the right person to rent you storage space

Don’t overpay

Make sure to keep it organized


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Using a storage space to set aside your office supplies while you’re in between locations is really helpful.

A big storage space useful for packing, moving and storing office supplies.

Buy gear that’ll help you with packing, moving and storing office supplies
There are a lot of things that could help you have a more productive experience when packing, moving and storing the supplies for your office. You can use anything from ordinary sturdy plastic boxes to some high tech items. It’s really important to keep these things minimal and to not overcrowd your space with them. The last thing you need is having too many things that are there to help you organize and declutter other things.

Packing supplies 

Another important thing to consider when looking at the best way to pack, move and store office supplies is what you’ll be using to do the packing. It’s not really recommended to use the expensive alternatives that you usually use to store your office items in your cupboards. While your belongings are in transport or storage space, it might be smart to opt for plain old cardboard boxes. You won’t really dwell on them if they get ruined. Also, consider labeling your things by simply writing which category they belong to. A marker or a pen will do just fine.


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As far as packing office supplies go, a cardboard box and some markers for labeling are just enough.

A cardboard box.

What if you’re not good at it?
If you simply don’t have the knack for packing, moving and storing office supplies, that’s okay. We all have drawbacks and, as far as they go, being a bit organized when packing isn’t that bad. Think about either hiring someone to do the whole thing for you from scratch or simply have your friends that like these sorts of projects help you out and guide you through the process. Who knows, you might even end up having fun. 

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