How to coronavirus-proof your home

Life under coronavirus means staying at home as much as possible — but you’ll likely need to make a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy at some point. Download or print this tip sheet to make sure you don’t bring the virus back home with you.
Note: Recommendations for Covid-19 may change as officials learn more, so monitor your local health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  for updates.

 Make a game plan

•    Designate one person to be your errand-runner to limit your outside exposures
•    Set up a disinfecting station — an area outside your home or in a room with low foot traffic where you can disinfect packaged food
•    Avoid coming within less than six feet of others
•    Wipe handles on carts or baskets while shopping

•    You don’t have to have gloves or a mask — just wash your hands frequently while you’re out and avoid touching your face

 When you get back

•    Wash your hands  with soap and water for 20 seconds
•    Disinfect takeout boxes and packaged foods at your disinfecting station

•    Thoroughly wash produce before putting it in your kitchen


•    Disinfect everything you touch — doorknobs, light switches, keys, phone, keyboards, remotes, etc.

•    Use EPA-approved disinfectants (these include Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and certain Lysol sprays) and leave surfaces wet for 3-5 minutes


•    Ask workers to drop deliveries off on your doorstep or an area of your complex
•    If they need you to come to the door, keep six feet of distance
•    Pay and tip online when possible
•    After you pick up mail from your mailbox, wash your hands


•    Wash clothes, towels and linens regularly on the warmest setting
•    Disinfect your laundry hamper, too, or place a removable liner inside it

•    Don’t shake dirty laundry to avoid dispersing the virus in the air


•    You shouldn’t allow guests over right now
•    If you need to house a family member or friend, avoid shared living spaces as much as you can
•    If they need to enter shared living spaces, ask them to keep six feet of distance

 If someone in your home gets sick

•    First, consult your doctor
•    Isolate them in another room and ask them to use a separate restroom
•    Disinfect frequently touched surfaces every day
•    Avoid sharing items with them
•    Wear gloves when washing their laundry
•    Continue to wash your hands frequently
•    Ask them to wear a face mask if they have one

 Supplies you’ll need

•    EPA-approved disinfectants
•    If you don’t have disinfectants, make a bleach solution:
•    Mix four teaspoons bleach per quart of water; or

•    Use a 70% alcohol solution

•    Laundry detergent