Fresh Home Decor Themes in 2020

2020 has only begun just more than several months ago, but already the decor world is sensing a slight design shift, updating, reimagining, and building off of the most exciting designs and patterns from the previous year. Here are six prominent decor trends that you’ll start seeing a whole lot more of in the coming seasons.

Whether in material or simply in pattern, white has a substantial visual weight to it that evokes sophistication, wealth, and opulence. We saw it used mostly for tabletop and decorative display in alabaster and onyx, each cloudy-colored stone with its own unique veining. When kept small-scale, a marbled accent makes a refined, yet reserved statement in the modern home.


Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

Remixed only the supposed new title of a certain rapper’s upcoming album, but also one pattern that we’re seeing over and over again, waves add both movement and a sense of tranquility to the home. This style works, even without an overarching maritime motif. Wave-like swirls, scallops, and gradients present infinite accenting possibilities, due to the versatile yet serene shades of blue.


White Vanity Makeup Dressing Table with Rotating Mirror + 3 Drawers

White Vanity Makeup Dressing Table with Rotating Mirror

White Vanity Makeup Dressing Table with Mirror + 4 Drawers

With the reemergence of marble pattern comes a renewed interest in Italian-inspired art and architecture. This interest manifests itself in column structures, laurel-leaf accents, tasteful nudes, and modular dinnerware made for never seeing the inside of a cabinet.

Whether offbeat, macabre, or imbued with spiritual connotations, accentuating your decor with these disembodied digits speaks volumes about your style without saying a word. Part storybook quirk, part casual unconventionality, these clever, hand-shaped picks are sure to make guests do a double-take.


5-Tier Leaning Wall Storage Display Shelf Ladder
Set of 6 Home Display Floating Wall Mounted Shelves
32″L Black/White Wall Mount Shelf with LED Lamp


Those with an eye for playful contrast never miss a beat — the inside of a decorative vessel is a fabulous opportunity to inject an unexpected shade. These picks all at once display attention to detail as well as innovative craftsmanship.

Adding a cheerful, whimsical touch, strategically placed animal accents have a way of instantly lightening up the home. When decked in materials such as resin, glass or brass-plate, this menagerie is just right for everyday display. Go subtle, with a bunny-adorned sauce dish or a mini kitty to hold your baubles or create more of a focal point by keeping a chic glass bird perched on the bookcase.

These six prominent decor trends that you’ve read about are surely to change as the new seasons come, stay tuned as we will continue our updates to provide you with the best details.