How to Decorate with Indoor &Outdoor Plants?


With the continuous popularity of plant decoration, more and more people are willing to decorate their own room with a variety of house plants. Plants can totally change the vibe of your room. Plants can bring in a fresh look and a positive spirit in anyliving room, bedroom, balcony, courtyard, office and of course,your nearby restaurant to meet any personal lifestyle.

However, if plants aren’t properly placed, they will not only occupy wasteful space, but they will appear to be very messy.To solve this problem, different kinds of plant stands  will be needed.


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But with so many selections of plant stands, how should we choose? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Large number of plants, large space

If you have a lot of plants and enough space, you can choose between these selections below.They have several layers, each layer can accommodate different amounts of space. You can adjust it according to the size and shape of the plant. The materials of the stands vary depending on your requirements.


3 Tiers Wooden Corner Plant Ladder Pot Holder Rack
3 Tier Outdoor Metal Garden Planter Holder Shelf
4-Tier Wood Casters Rolling Shelf Plant Stand


2. Small items, SmallerSpaces

If you don’t have a lot of plants or a lot of space, you can choose these.
Some of them are foldable which can be stored in any narrow place when not in use without taking up too much space. This considerate design and light weight also makes flower rack convenient to be moved.


3 Tier Outdoor Wood Flower Folding Pot Shelf Stand
Heavy Duty 2-Tier Metal Flower Plant Stand
Folding Flower Stand Rack Wood Plant Storage Display Shelf


3. Special Shapes, Irregular Spaces

If you have your own requirements for the shape of the shelf, you can choose the following.
If you want to put the shelf in the corner, you can choose the corner metal flower ladder plant stand. You can also choose the plant stands like a Parisian trolley cart with round wheels. It can perfectly serve as a exquisite and classic decoration. The 3 tiers bamboo hanging folding plant shelf stand has an elegant suspension bar is a perfect design that allows the plants to hang and provides enough space for display.


3-Tier Corner Metal Flower Ladder Plant Stand
Heavy Duty Metal Flower Cart Plant Stand
3 Tier Floral Corner Metal Plant Pot Rack

The plant standscan be used to hold and display variousplants. Some shelf is not only a flower rack, but also can be used as a storage shelf.I hope these suggestions provide you with some references so that you can quickly find the most suitable plant stands.

The plant stands help plants absorb more sunlight, giving them more room to grow.You can put the plant stands inside or outside to make your home full of life and vitality.It saves space greatly, also make your home becomes more neat, the plant stands has greatly improved your living environment.