Labels on Clothes


Have you ever noticed those labels or tags inside your clothing and those symbols on them? Some may not notice it, others may disregard it, their are also those who cut it off and some who read and take time to know whats on the label or tag.

For me, I am one of those who disregard it. But, don’t you know that this label is important for it shows the proper care of our clothes?

I have experience putting my dress in the washing machine without checking the wash/care label when its was done washing I could not use because it was not for machine wash but for hand wash. 


Photo from cleanipedia


Putting my jacket in the dryer and when done my jacket shrink-ed and can no longer be used. Then, did I realize the importance of looking at the label so as to care for your clothes. 

Here’s some of those symbols which can help us in properly caring for our clothes:


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I hope this will help you so as to know how to care and wash for your clothes. This surely helped me learn my lesson.


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