Nowadays that we are required to stay at home have you heard someone say, I’m BORED! Have you ever heard someone use those words? Most of us have.

Well, look at it in the brighter side there are two options you may do at home. First, there is always work that can be done. Secondly, find something to do.

There are always creative things that we can do at home. You just need to put some thought and imagination into your day.


You may set out a picnic atmosphere and have basket of food and eat your meals as though you were having a picnic. Just having variety in your family life brings you closer together as a family. Events like this are often a fun-filled activity.


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Have you at any point watched the cooking appears on TV? Cooking is a hot issue. Truth be told, cooking shows are so famous nowadays that there are TV networks that only air shows about cooking. Choose a recipe you might want to try. Imagine you are facilitating your own cooking show. Ensure the entire family takes an interest, somehow. You are sure to have a great deal of fun while watching your family activity.


Image by drpatriamd and Owen Burt



It’s always enjoyable to have a barbecue. You can cook up your food and eat at home. After you are finished, tell some fun stories. Remember how fun it is to sit around telling stories. Make this happen in your home. Enjoy the day. Most of all, enjoy each other.


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Every home — big, small, apartment or your own home — gets dirty. And while there’s not just one way to clean your living space, there is a smarter way to get the job done. Cleaning is a task that almost everyone dreads. Fortunately,cleaning can be the perfect time to help your kids develop a good work ethic and enlist extra hands for the job and can be one family activity.


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simple games for kids or full scale activities for groups, it’s easy to save the day, bust boredom and have fun.


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We can use this time to learn new things, create beautiful arts and crafts, explore nature and science through fun projects, plant a mini garden, make heartwarming gifts for loved ones, and so much more for kids and the whole family.

Stay home and be safe.