Challenges of A Toddler’s Mom

As a mother, there are countless special milestones you will witness—from first words, first teeth, and first steps to eating independently, sleeping through the night (yes!!!), attending school, learning to read, first sports activity, school presentations and so much more.

Soon you would realize that they aren’t going to be babies and young kids for long so better enjoy even the frazzled days before they are long gone. It can be hard to think of fun ways to keep kids engaged and busy especially Toddlers. There are ways to entertain preschooler or toddler and may take a bit more energy or advance planning, but encouraging your child to do something constructive is worth the extra effort.

Offer creative Toys. Any toy that lets a child create is sure to keep them busy for a long time. Invest in it, not only will your child be able to play with them for hours, but they’ll build up their spatial reasoning, too.


12 Piece 5.5″ Soft Foam Building Blocks

54 Pcs Railway Train Building Blocks with Light & Music

12 Pcs 8″ PU Foam Big Building Blocks for Kids


Encourage outdoor play. Just let them run wild. If you’re worried about their safety, just keep them in sight. They’ll be fine.


40″ Flying Saucer Tree Swing Indoor Outdoor Play Set

3 in 1 Junior Children Climber Slide Swing Seat Basketball Hoop  

Inflatable Water Bouncer with Climbing Wall and Ball Hoop


Build a fort. No child will turn down the chance to make a secret base—and they’ll be much more likely to play independently once they’re inside.


5′ Portable Indian Children Sleeping Dome Play Tent

Pink Portable Kid Play House Play Tent with 100 Balls

Kids Cottage Playhouse Foldable Plastic Indoor Outdoor Toy


One sure way to connect with and support your toddler’s increased curiosity is to explore with him.

No matter how much we love their sweet squishy faces, we all know they call it the terrible twos for a reason. Still, they can be so entertaining and fun at this stage. They also are adorably cute, love to snuggle, are very active and above all they enjoy spending time with you. The toddler years are both exhausting and exciting and definitely a time for enormous growth and development. A toddler’s interest in learning about the world encourages him to use his senses–tasting, touching, seeing, and smelling. His senses help him understand how things are different from each other and how they work.

In my opinion, the toddler years are definitely to be cherished. Toddlers are curious by nature and love to look into their surroundings all while revealing their developing personalities. Though it can be hard to keep up with an exploring toddler, exploring is good! It helps children grow in important ways.