How to design an easy to clean home


When buying a new home or when renovating you have the perfect opportunity to design an easy to clean home. Let’s face it – nobody really likes to clean. What you might like about the process is the actual result. But, why not make an effort and choose solutions that are going to get you there faster? Here are some suggestions for you to consider if you would like to have a home that is a snap to clean.

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Choose a smaller home

Even though we usually dream of having more square footage, we tend to overlook the fact that larger homes simply take longer to clean. Plus, every item in your home requires your energy! When space is used wisely and rationally, you can get the same effect for less money spent on your property and less time spent on cleaning. Isn’t that a perfect compromise?

Minimize your cleaning time by choosing the right floors

Most of our cleaning time is devoted to floors since they are usually the dirtiest parts of our homes. But, some surfaces gather more dirt than others or are just easier to clean due to their materials and textures. For instance, a granite floor is much easier to clean than a carpet. On the other hand, carpets create a much warmer atmosphere in a room they are laid. The good news is that you can have different floors in separate rooms.


Caption: Tiles are easy to maintain

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If low maintenance is your priority, you should choose tiles or vinyl for high traffic areas in your home and leave carpets for bedrooms. Professional movers from companies such as Zippy shell even noticed that more and more people decided to do without rugs in their entryways to cut down in their cleaning time.

Carpet tiles are also practical for floors that need to be covered yet are at risk of being soiled a lot – like kids’ playrooms or other entertainment areas in your home. The good thing about these tiles is that you can easily clean or replace each one of them without having to do the same with the entire carpet!

Extra tip: Consider installing a central vacuum system if that is within your budget.

The proper wall treatment will make your walls easier to maintain

The choice of color for your walls is not all that matters. When you pick a premium-quality paint and a good finish for the areas you know will be touched often, you have already made your work easier. This is crucial when you have children who like to express their drawing skills on the walls.


Caption: Wallpapers are in and they are easy to clean

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Nowadays, you can get wall coverings made of vinyl to imitate any finish. Needless to say, they are so much easier to clean than plain walls. Don’t forget that wallpapers are back in style so you can use them to make your walls lively. They are mostly made to be stain-resistant and washable.

You can never have too much storage

Tidying up is easier when everything has its place. You shouldn’t expand storage space so that you can accumulate even more stuff, you need it to make room for the items you already have.
Choosing furniture pieces with storage is always a good idea. Beds are perfect for storing things underneath but can be difficult to clean. Those with built-in storage not only hide the clutter we tend to make there, but also prevent dust from accumulating just inches below your mattress.

Choose built-ins

Built-in options are very popular these days. They can be rather decorative too. Reading ottomans with a place to store your cushions or fleece blankets are irreplaceable elements of reading nook design.

In the kitchen, you can use the space wisely by choosing cabinets that run all the way to the ceiling. That will prevent dust from gathering on top of your kitchen cabinets and it will cut your kitchen cleaning time in half. Also, avoid too many details on the kitchen shelves since any of those takes time to be dusted or washed, and the dirt in the kitchen can be sticky.

Wall-to wall and floor-to-ceiling closets are just perfect for bedrooms. If planned properly, they will be able to receive tons of clothes and accessories. If you are one of those who need to have all the latest fashion trends displayed in their wardrobe, you might need packing help from real professionals when the time comes for your relocation.  But, don’t worry – a built-in closet will be able to store an amazing amount of your items without occupying as much space as a walk-in would do.

A home with the right furnishings is an easy to clean home

When designing a home, you should take care of the materials you choose for the furniture. If you cannot be bothered to clean too often, then leather sofas and couches are great for you – unless you go for white or ivory color, of course. Greys and browns are easy to maintain and you will not have to worry about stains when opting for those colors.


Caption: Choose brown leather furniture for your easy to clean home

Alt. tag: Brown leather furniture for an easy to clean home


If you prefer upholstered furniture, you will have to be careful about the selection of materials. The best ones are durable and washable. Look for those that are treated to be stain-repellant and you will not regret spending a bit more on those. When you get tired of the looks of your upholstered furniture, you can get some slipcovers and change the entire color palette of your room. Just make sure that those are machine washable and that they fit.

How to design an easy to clean bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the areas that can never be too clean. But, some of the decisions you make when planning the layout of your bathroom can minimize the time you will spend on tidying up and disinfecting. Here are some of the ideas:

• lose the grout or go for darker shades – you will not have to scrub that often;

• avoid open shelves – that’s a shortcut to an easy to clean home;

• keep only the necessary bathing products within your reach when in a bathtub or a shower – everything else should be stored in a bathroom closet. The objects that are wet all the time accumulate more germs.

Final thoughts

As you can see, designing an easy to clean home is not that difficult. With these practical tips, you will have less work on your hands and more time to relax and do the things you actually enjoy.