How to start organizing and unpacking after a move


Relocating to a new home can be split into three sections. First comes the packing of your household and organizing the entire relocation. The second part is the actual moving day, and finally, in the end, we have the unpacking process. While the first two usually cause a lot of stress and panic, once the relocation is over, a lot of people actually enjoy unpacking all of their belongings in their new home. It is a new start, an opportunity to create something fresh and different. Nevertheless, organizing and unpacking after a move should not be taken lightly. If not done the right way, it can create dissatisfaction and additional rework. With that in mind, let’s see what the best approach you can take when unpacking is, and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes people usually make.

Plan, plan, plan!

The planning process is crucial for any task you want to tackle. Even if you are moving to a small apartment, unpacking should not be done without planning each step with care.

First of all, write down all of the rooms in your new home on a piece of paper, and work out the order of unpacking. If you think about it, the first rooms you will use will be the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Everything else comes second. This is extremely important if you have a lot of boxes to unpack.


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Next, think about the furniture and other heavy items. Once unpacked and in place, you don’t want to move them around too much, unless you are experimenting with the layout. With that in mind, once you are done with the heavy stuff, you can work on the lighter boxes.

In the end, having a plan should reduce delays. If you know exactly what goes where you only have to unpack once. Furthermore, a plan will help you to make full use of limited space when unpacking, in case you are in a small home.

Unpacking the “essentials” box

When creating a plan, think about the “essentials” box. These are your “pack last – unpack first” items. Here you can see how the packing process also plays an important part in organizing and unpacking after a move. If packing was not done the right way, unpacking will be a mess. With that in mind, remember to label all the boxes before you load them onto the truck. Always know where every item is.

A few additional notes about the furniture

Before you unpack the furniture and heavy appliances that will not be moved often, think about two things:
●the layout of the rooms
●the cleaning process
We briefly mentioned experimenting with the layout, and that can prove to be time-consuming if you don’t know what you want to accomplish. Measure the dimensions of every piece of furniture and make sure it can fit where you want to place it before you try. Also, putting furniture together is easier if you have more space, and you don’t have to jump over boxes that are lying around.


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Furthermore, you will also have to clean the place. Floors and walls are easier to clean before you put furniture and closets inside. Additionally, the layout of the furniture also plays an important part when it comes to cleaning. The goal is to create an easy to clean home, and that is accomplished by placing the furniture in the right place.

Move boxes before unpacking them

When unpacking the bedroom, all the boxes should be moved before you start taking out items. There is no reason to carry everything from one room to another. If your boxes are already where they need to be unpacked, you are saving a lot of time.

Another advice is to prioritize when unpacking boxes. As mentioned before, the essentials box should be the first to unpack. Next, consider the time of the year. If it is summer, there is no need to unpack winter clothes first. As a matter of fact, you can even leave them in boxes to unpack later.

Do you have a lot of things you don’t know what to do with?

A common situation during unpacking after a move is discovering that you have a lot of stuff that you don’t know where to put. If you are trying to create a spacious layout that also looks appealing, you cannot unpack everything.

With that being said, if you did not declutter before the relocation, you will have to do that after. You can always rent storage for bulky items that are in the way. Or, another option is to donate or sell what you don’t use. If you want to be efficient and productive, you will do this before the relocation.

What to leave for last


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Another way to make organizing and unpacking after a move more efficient and easy is to know what boxes to leave for last. If you eliminate those items you don’t use as often, you will know what takes priority.

If you have boxes that should go to the attic, basement, or a garage, those should always be unpacked last. You may even use those rooms to store any boxes that are not a priority at the moment.

Why picking a good moving company plays a crucial role in unpacking?

The process of unpacking after a move will be more efficient if the entire relocation goes without any hiccups. Picking a good moving company such as Preferred Movers will give you the advantage of having someone who can help out in organizing all of your belongings. Furthermore, you must make sure that no box is forgotten or misplaced. Having a smooth relocation is a good base for a quick unpacking process.

Final words about organizing and unpacking after a move

Organizing and unpacking your items in your new home should not be a tedious process. Making changes to your new living space will fill you up with positive energy and optimism. As always, a new and fresh start is something that many people desire. Play some nice music in the background, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and think about all the good times you will have in this new place. Good luck!