70 Interesting Topics for Your Essay to Generate While Sitting in Your Room


Writing an essay is not so easy at first glance. You need to create an interesting topic, conduct research, write, then proofread the paper. This article will help you with the first step. But if the rest of the steps seem too complicated for you, then it is better to ask for help. Simply google “write my essay for cheap” and you will find a writing service that can help you with your task.

If you are ready to write an essay yourself, then here is a list of topics we’ve divided into categories.

Hope and Despair

Can a book help in a moment of despair?

What book would you recommend to someone who is struggling with hope?

Is it true that someone can only rely on themselves?

Is it possible to live without hope?

How do you help a person find hope?

Why is despair dangerous for a person?

What helps a person not to despair in a difficult life situation?

Do you agree that there are no hopeless situations?

Is it true that hope makes a person stronger?

In what situations can despair take hold of a person?

What helps a person maintain hope even in the most difficult situations?

How is hope different from a dream?

Are hope and patience connected?

If people’s hopes and dreams do not come true, are they in vain?

What can lead a person to despair?

How can you pull yourself out of despair?

How are despair and loneliness related?

How do you help someone overcome despair?

What is the best support for a person in a moment of despair?

Those who never despair do not know the importance of hope.

How does love help to cope with despair?

Good and Evil

Why is it so difficult to return the favor?

How does conscience help a person make a choice between good and evil?

Do the concepts of good and evil change over time?

Is it always easy to distinguish between good and evil?

How is a good deed beneficial for the one who does it?

How are goodness and nobility connected?

Is it possible to divide evil into “small” and “large”?

Is indifference to good and evil shameful?

Through what loopholes does evil penetrate a person’s soul?

How do you understand the statement that the battlefield of good and evil is the human heart?

Is it true that good and evil are rooted in the soul of every person?

“Evil, in order to exist, must pretend to be good.” Is this statement true?

When does evil put on the mask of good?

“If a person does not serve good, then he helps evil.” Is this statement true?

Are hope and patience connected?

Should good be rewarded?

Is it right to repay evil with evil?

Is it possible to forgive an evil act?

How are good and joy connected?

What helps people to eradicate evil in themselves?

How do we deal with evil?

Pride and Humility

What can and should we be proud of?

Should a man humble his pride?

Why are proud people often lonely?

What is the result of the desire to rise above others?

Do you consider humility a virtue?

What is the manifestation of humility?

What could you never put up with in your life?

Why is the duel between pride and humility so dramatic?

How do you overcome pride in yourself?

What could be a subject of pride for a person?

Is there a difference between pride and arrogance?

Why are proud people often unhappy?

Is humility a manifestation of human power?

What feelings need to be humbled so as not to harm yourself or others?

Are humility and kindness connected?

What should we accept with humility in our lives?

What is the drama of the duel between pride and humility?

When does pride become destructive to man?

Family, Love, and Relationships

The importance of child development.

Does love help you to understand yourself better?

What prevents mutual understanding between those who love?

What is a chivalrous attitude towards a woman?

Is a person always worthy of the other in a relationship?

How to enjoy a childhood without regrets.

Do we need exploits in the name of love?

How to always have fun with kids.

How do you imagine a harmonious family union?

He and she: what are the causes of misunderstanding?

These are good examples of topics for essays. You will manage to create a great essay if you use one of these themes. Choose one to write a masterpiece that is worthy of admiration!