Stand up paddle boarding is a diverse and multidisciplinary sport.  In ancient times, this sport has several functions like fishing, lifeguarding or transportation.So many people are surprised at how easy paddleboarding is. As long as you have the right sized board for your frame, anyone can learn to paddle in no time.  If you’re interested in trying it out, these tips on paddle boarding will help you make the most out of the experience.


Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP w

11′ Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board SUP


Types of Stand up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boards comes with all different sizes and shapes. A stand up paddle board is much thicker than your average surfboard.A beginner boarder paddler must consider a wider, longer and thicker board. Why? This is because it will provide the greatest stability to learn the paddle board basics on a flat body of water.
The most common stand up paddle board shape for beginners is an All-Around paddle board. However, there are a few different types and shapes of paddle boards to consider:


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Keep Your Head Up

Try your best to keep your head up and maintain good body posture by keeping your back straight, legs slightly bent, shoulders pulled back, and by bearing your body weight mainly on the balls of your feet.

Use a Leash
When engaging in any kind of water sport is safety. Do not forget to tether up with the use of a leash. A stand u paddle leash keeps your paddle board attached to you with a Velcro strap around your ankle (or calf). The general rule is to use a leash around the same size or slightly smaller than your board.


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Adjustable Stand up Surf Rope Set with Bag

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Learn the Correct Paddling Stroke Technique

Catch Phase: Bring your paddle forward and bury the entire blade into the water. Extend your paddle as far forward as possible, short and quick strokes are more effective

Power Phase: Another important paddle boarding tip every beginner should remember is that the actual paddling should be done by your core—not by arms.  It allows you to get in a good, low-impact workout that will increase your core strength and build muscle definition in your midsection.

Exit Phase: When lifting the paddle out of the water, pull the hand bottm out to the side while keeping your top hand in place. Think of the paddle as a pendulum with the top of the paddle stationary (it will move down slightly) with the bottom of the paddle doing most of the movement as it exits out of the water.

Recovery Phase: On your recovery phase, rotate the paddle back to the front of your body to complete the stroke. Core engaged and slightly bend the legs as a solid base.