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Endless Outdoor Fun: Ride into Nature's Embrace, Nature Exploration with Cycling, and DIY Crafting!

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to overlook the simple joys and fleeting moments that make life truly meaningful. 

Recording good moments allows us to create a tangible legacy for future generations. It provides a window into our lives, showcasing our experiences, values, and the things that bring us joy. 

By preserving these memories, we pass down a piece of ourselves to those who come after us, to capture and cherish the good moments in life, which are the true treasures that enrich our souls.

I always take short records of life or some happy experience. There is the sharing about the happy moment of my little girl's happy cycling with us.

7th March Diary: Record the Happy + Close to Nature

Today was an enchanting day filled with outdoor adventures. So we took the new bike and then easily assembled this bicycle in 10 minutes. And we can let our little one safely enjoy the journey with us because:

They equipped this humanity-designed children's training bicycle with a dual brake system: hand brake (shorter distance fit kids' small hands) and coaster brake (pedal backward for instant stop). 

Material: Carbon Steel, PP, PVC, PP, TPR Suitable Age: 4-8 Years Old
Overall Dimension: 50" x 22" x 30"-32.5"(18-Inches) Net Weight: 25.5 lbs
Seat Height: 20"-24" Saddle Size: 9" x 5.5" (L x W)
Weight Capacity of Seat: 99 lbs Suitable Height: 47"-59"

Besides, with a fully enclosed chain guard for safety, the toddler bike improves kids' riding security to a higher level.

image (2).pngimage (3).png

14"/16"/18" Kids Bike for Boys and Girls Aged 3-8 Years with Training Wheels

I am thankful they equipped bicycles with protective equipment like bicycle helmets, and knee pads. My daughter put on her gear quickly and rode her bike with us with joy. Don't worry about the trivial problem of buying alone. Oh, bicycles also have free hub accessories.


14"/16"/18" Kids Bike for Boys and Girls Aged 3-8 Years with Training Wheels

They equipped bicycles with thickened widened tires, meaning that the center of gravity is stable, the child is easier to get started and the ride is more stable. The designer designed the bike body lines smooth, simple, and cute, as children's favorite style. You can quickly adjust the seat cushion and bicycle height according to your child's height without tools.

We decided to take a bike ride through the scenic countryside of the beautiful weather. We embarked on a family bike ride through the countryside. 

As we pedaled along, surrounded by majestic trees and colorful wildflowers, I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of nature.

The sun shone brightly overhead as we pedaled along winding paths, surrounded by lush green trees and vibrant wildflowers. 

We found the perfect spot by a tranquil river to have a picnic. After enjoying a delicious meal cooked on the BBQ, we set up our tent and relaxed in the warm sun.

image (5).pngimage (4).png

①: mockingbird  ②: female yellow warbler

It's a joy to see our little Debbie's eyes light up with excitement after my husband snapped photos of the little birds, her big eyes twinkling with excitement at the wonders of the natural world.

8th March Diary: DIY & Colorfun

Today brought another adventure as we ventured out with our puppy for a walk in nature. Along the way, we unexpectedly ran into a familiar face—a girl from our daughter's primary school. And it wasn't long before they were deep in conversation, sharing stories and giggles. 

We are glad to see our daughter forming connections with her peers in such a natural setting.

Later, they set to work, their imaginations running wild as they transformed the new bike into a work of art. Our daughter eagerly suggested turning it into a DIY project. 


14"/16"/18" Kids Bike for Boys and Girls Aged 3-8 Years with Training Wheels

They quickly became engrossed in a DIY project, transforming a well-functioned new bike into an art masterpiece. They work together, sharing ideas and laughter as they bring their creative vision to life. 

As parents, we are glad to witness our Debbie forming lasting friendships embracing the joys of handmade DIY adventures, and enjoying the simple happiness of childhood and the magic of creativity.

Recording good moments is not just about preserving memories; it's also about celebrating life's beauty and finding joy in the ordinary. So, let's capture and cherish the good moments in life, for they are the true gifts and nourish that enrich our souls.

So let our kids ride the new bike on the journey with us, and let's record our lives!

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