2 in 1 Shoe Rack

Tired of messy shoes cluttering up in your home especially if you’re living in a small home? Worry no more! A shoe rack organizer is a key to keeping your shoes in one place. 

All of us want a piece of furniture that makes our home tidy and organized. Placing your shoes everywhere will make your room small and cluttered. Having an entryway storage organizer will make it easier for you and for your visitor to put on your shoes before entering your home and help keep your home clean.

Shoe Rack with Cushion

Some shoe storage come with a seating set which you can also call a shoe bench. A great style from normal shoe storage to seating where you can sit while putting and removing your shoes or if you have lots of things in your hand like groceries and other bags and you needed to open the door you can put it on top of a storage bench. 

3 Reason Why Shoe Rack must have in your home

1. Keeping the shoes in good condition – To make sure that your shoes will long last, you must put them on a shoe rack shelf to protect them from dust and being damaged. 
2. Easy to find shoes – You don’t need to worry about finding your shoes everywhere in the house if you need to step out because it’s all intact in your shoe storage.  
3. Keeping the floor clean – It’s hard to maintain the floor clean, especially when everyone keeps going in and out. Shoes are one of the reasons for dust entering the house.  But if you keep a shoe rack organizer at your door, then every person will take their shoes in there before entering the house. 

If you’re looking for an affordable and elegant storage bench, this is a great deal for you:

3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Bench Entryway Storage Rack

● 100% Bamboo Sturdy Structure: Made of premium bamboo, the shoe rack is sturdy and durable for long time use. The boards are fixed with galvanized steel screws to ensure a firm and stable structure and can provide large weight capacity.

● Spacious Storage Space: The 3-layer shoe rack organizer with 6-inch and 12.5-inch high space provides plenty of storage space to organize your scattered shoes. Your high-top shoes also can be stored in this rack. In addition, under the seat, the shoe rack has additional storage space for your sundries like an umbrella and shoe brush.

● Ergonomic Handles and Breathable Shelf: Equipped with 2 comfortable handles on the side, the shoe rack is easy to be moved to another place. And boards of 2 shelves have gaps between each other which preventing bad odor from shoes.

● Multipurpose Concise Bench: With an elegant appearance and compact design, the bench also can be used for storing sundries in the bathroom and bedroom as a shelf for the space you need. The versatile use of this rack allows the space to be fully utilized to make your home become more clean and tidy.

● Easy to Assemble and Clean: The structure of the shoe rack is very simple and easy to assemble. The instruction is provided, which includes very detailed and concise installation steps, and it will not take you too much time. And the surface is smooth and waterproof which is convenient to clean with a wet cloth.


3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Bench Entryway Storage Rack

3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Bench Entryway Storage Rack

3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Bench Entryway Storage Rack


A compact shoe rack bench is designed for small spaces to give you the extra storage that you need. Keeping the shoes in one place is a must to maintain cleanliness and convenience for everyone in the house and even for guests.