5 Tier Wooden Plant Stand: Can Stand With You For A Long Time

Plant stands are great to elevate the look of any indoor plant. They make small plants appear tall and help them make a bold statement.

A plant stand may seem to be an inconsequential object, but it can serve many purposes. Some plant stands serve as pieces of furniture or artwork in homes, giving a tasteful touch to the energy of a room. Of course, the main goal is to get the plant off the floor and onto an elevated surface of its own.
Plant stands are commonly made of plastic, metal, or wood. The choice of material might depend upon the decor of the home as well as the intended area of use. For instance, a plant stand made of plastic might hold up well on a patio or porch, while a stand made of light cedar might need to be kept indoors.

A 5 tier plant stand is a good rule of thumb for displaying plants in an aesthetically pleasing way is the following: place the larger plants on the bottom shelves and reserve the top shelf for the smallest plants and also for trailing plants so that they have room to grow. A plant pot stand or planter on legs (you may also see it called a standing planter. plant pot with legs, plant holder or raised planter) is all the rage – and it’s not surprising considering houseplants have become the hottest home accessory.

How to Select the Right Size Plant Stand?
Finding the right size plant stand or table ensures that the piece fits harmoniously with your current style and can support the size and weight of your indoor and outdoor plants. To find the right size planter, consider the height and dimensions of your house plants.
This  5-Tier Wooden Plant Stand can give you more space to store your flower pots and greenery, at the same time, it takes up only a small amount of ground.


5-Tier Flower Rack Wood Plant Stand 6 Pots Display Shelf

5-Tier Flower Rack Wood Plant Stand 6 Pots Display Shelf

5-Tier Flower Rack Wood Plant Stand 6 Pots Display Shelf


It is not only made of solid wood but also forms triangular brackets on each floor, making the bookshelf more environmentally friendly and strong. We provide storage space of different lengths, widths, and heights, so you can safely put different sizes of flowerpots. Behind each layer is a combined horizontal bar device that looks like a boundary, this gives your flower pots a safe platform in case it falls from behind.
What’s more, the hollow design gives your plants better breathability. The excess water goes to the next layer of plants when you’re watering, it saves the water. You can also use it as a storage rack and place lots of items, such as plants, books, collectibles, and photographs.

5-Tier Flower Rack Wood Plant Stand 6 Pots Display Shelf

  • ● Multilayer Frame for More Space: The flower shelf has 5 tiers in all and it’s big enough to place a mass of bonsai and green plants. But it just covers an area measured at 24″ x 10″. It has different lengths, widths, and heights, enough to accommodate plants of different sizes.
  • ● Plants can be kept at an appropriate distance from each other to ensure healthy growth.
  • Natural Solid Wood Structure: The flower wood rack is made of totally solid fir which is durable and sturdy. This flower stand has a high bearing capacity, plants can be safely placed on it and they are not easy to dump. Coming with a smooth finish, it is easy to clean. The texture lines of solid wood are natural and beautiful, giving people a feeling of being in nature.
  • ● Triangular and Boundary Design: Each floor has a diagonal support frame that can be triangular with the trunk. It increases the stability of each layer on the shelf, not easy to fall apart. Two horizontal bars and three vertical bars are designed behind the platforms on each floor, it looks like a boundary that provides a safe platform for the pots to fall from behind.
  • ● Thoughtful Hollow Out Design: Each floor has a hollow design to promote air circulation, which increases the ventilation of flowers and ensures the breathability of plants. This design allows discharge of water to flow from the bottom of the pot to the next layer of flower pots, it not only can keep the ground clean but also achieve the purpose of saving water.
  • ● Multi-functional Using of Shelf: Suitable for indoor and outdoor shelves with multi-function. This shelf is not only a flower shelf but also can be used as a storage shelf. The rack can hold a variety of items, such as plants, books, collectibles, and photographs. This shelf with a unique shape not only can make your home neater but also become a scene in the home.

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